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[BT02]Onslaught of Dragon Souls

Young Pegasus Knight
Young Pegasus Knight

Normal Unit
Royal Paladin
United Sanctuary
Grade 1
Power 6000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO](RC):During your main phase, when a card is put into your soul, if you have a <Royal Paladin> vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
Young knights galloping through the skies. The future is with them.

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03-10-2012 [BT02]Onslaught of Dragon Souls Card List

Q&A containing [Young Pegasus Knight] [3 results]

  • Q98(06-11-2012)
    "Blaster Blade" is on the field with a superior ride from "Future Knight, Llew", and both "Young Pegasus Knight" and "Great Sage, Barron" are in the rear-guard circles. At this point, what happens to the power of "Young Pegasus Knight" and "Great Sage, Barron"?
    Both will get +12000 power. The cost for the ability of "Future Knight, Llew" is to put the 3 cards, "Future Knight, Llew", "Flogal" and "Barcgal" into the soul. Since "Blaster Blade" rides in the main phase due to a superior ride, the previous vanguard is placed in the soul. Therefore, the ability for both units activates 4 times each.
  • Q81(06-11-2012)
    When 2 cards or above are placed in the soul at the same time, will the ability for this card stack?
    Yes, it will stack. For example in your main phase, when 3 cards are sent to your soul at the same time, it will activate 3 times making it a total of +9000 power.
  • Q80(06-11-2012)
    I manage to ride during my main phase due to a card effect. In this case, the original vanguard has gone to the soul, does this card get +3000 power?
    Yes, it does. For this case, the ride is in the main phase, and the original vanguard is placed in the soul. Therefore this ability will activate.

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