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[BT13]Catastrophic Outbreak

Battle Siren, Calista
Battle Siren, Calista

Normal Unit
Aqua Force
Grade 2
Power 9000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO](VC/RC):[Counter-Blast 1] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, if you have an <Aqua Force> vanguard, and it is the fourth battle of that turn or more, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose another of your <Aqua Force> rear-guards, [Stand] it, and that unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of turn.
Polished sword skills are just like an uninterrupted flow of water.

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05-02-2014 [BT13]Catastrophic Outbreak Card List

Q&A containing [Battle Siren, Calista] [2 results]

  • Q627(05-02-2014)
    When referring to a ○ battle or more, is the ○ battle included?
    Yes, it is included. For example, The third battle is included in the third battle or more, and the 4th battle is included in the forth battle or more.
  • Q606(05-02-2014)
    For units with "When this unit", can I pay the cost twice to activate the ability twice when the condition is met?
    No, you cannot. [AUTO] abilities can only be activated once when the conditions are met(e.g. "When this unit~"). Cost can only be paid once as well.

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