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Stamp Sea Otter
Stamp Sea Otter

Normal Unit
Great Nature
High Beast
Grade 1
Power 6000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[CONT](RC):If you have a <Great Nature> vanguard, this unit cannot be retired by card effects.
Ah-, what can I say. Take care of the stamp.

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  • Q253(08-10-2012)
    My opponent uses the ability of "Demon World Marquis, Amon". Can I choose to retire "Stamp Sea Otter"? Also, if I do choose "Stamp Sea Otter", what happens then?
    Yes, you can choose "Stamp Sea Otter". If you do choose "Stamp Sea Otter" as the rear-guard to retire, it will not retire due to its own ability.
  • Q252(08-10-2012)
    With "School Dominator, Apt" second ability, by retiring "Stamp Sea Otter", can I call a rear-guard from my hand? Also, do I really retire "Stamp Sea Otter" at that time?
    "Stamp Sea Otter" can be retired as a cost. The text within the [ ] brackets denote the cost, and not an effect. (Cost is the action required in order to activate the abiility) As such, you are able to retire "Stamp Sea Otter" as a cost. If you do pay the cost, call for one "Great Nature" to rear-guard from your hand.
  • Q251(08-10-2012)
    Can "Stamp Sea Otter" get +4000 power from "School Hunter, Leo-pald" or similar effects?
    Yes, it will get +4000 power. However, "Stamp Sea Otter" will not retire during the end phase.

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