Sneak Preview Tournaments – Booster Pack Vol. 14

Sneak Preview Tournaments – Booster Pack Vol. 14

Introducing the Booster Pack Vol. 14: Brilliant Strike Sneak Preview Booster Draft Tournament! Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming VGE-BT14 cards a week before the actual release!

Participate and stand a chance to obtain exclusive sneak preview event items such as promotional cards and rubber playmats.

Check out for stores near you that are organizing the Sneak Preview Booster Draft Tournament on any one day of 11 July, 12 July or 13 July!

Cards from VGE-BT14 Sneak Preview are allowed to use in Team League 2014 – Malaysia Regional Championship!

Find out more about the Booster Draft Tournament rules here!

* Please note that not all stores are running the sneak preview tournament.
* Please note that all date/time of the tournament are accurate as of the application forms submitted by the stores. Kindly do check with your local stores for any changes.
* The event will only be held on one of the dates. If you discover any stores running the sneak preview tournament more than once or not on the stipulated date, kindly inform us at

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