Clarification regarding the distribution of PR cards and PR packs during tournaments

We would like to thank all players for your continuous support towards Bushiroad throughout the past few years. Without players like you, Bushiroad would not be able to continue producing content for everyone. Recently it has come to our attention that some PR cards and PR packs are being distributed via unofficial channels. Bushiroad would like to clarify regarding the distribution of PR cards and PR packs during tournaments. PR cards and PR packs are to be distributed only during official event tournaments or shop tournaments approved by Bushiroad. The full list of official shops is listed on the following web pages: Japanese Products: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Weiss Schwarz: ChaosTCG: Victory Spark: Japanese Products – Overseas: Cardfight!! Vanguard English Edition – Official Shop Tournaments: Should there be a case where PR cards or PR packs are distributed during tournaments through shops that are not listed in the above links, please be aware that those shops are not official shops. We urge all players to report such cases to us via or (Cardfight!! Vanguard English Edition). We seek your cooperation in supporting our products through supporting our official shops and distributors. Once again, Bushiroad thanks all of our players for the support throughout the years. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our products.