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Short Story [Unit Story]
[013] Actual Analyst, Kokabiel
Keter Sanctuary
Race Angel

Card Information

The angel Kokabiel always sought the optimal solution.

Keter Sanctuary – The Central Island, The Heavenly Floating Islands of Ketergia
Cloud Knights HQ Control Room
“Control to Knight 24. Alien alarm detected on a freighter berthed on Pier 17. Please head to the scene and confirm.”

Case Assigned.
Kokabiel swiped her finger on the translucent screen floating in front of her to dismiss the notification.
Next up was a level II message from Gear 6.
She lightly crossed her hands and a schematic of Gear 6 appeared that was being updated in real time.
“Gear 6 Leader. Report.”
“There’s been an alert sounded over a divine magic user in Block 4. It may be a magic experiment gone awry.”
“Guessing while we still don’t have all the facts will only lead to a suboptimal solution. You must avoid doing so at all costs.”
The feathers on Kokabiel’s back bristled. In human terms she was showing something akin to anger or disappointment.
“My apologies.”
“Any damage?”
“A part of the wall around the Magicians District has collapsed. No reports of any fires, meltdowns, or losses. No reports of any injuries. We are still waiting on more reports.”
“We should leave the response to the Gear 6 police and fire departments. Send me a report once you know more about the situation.”
There was a moment of calm when Kokabiel received no more communications from Ketergia.
Even on busy days like this there were brief moments of peace and quiet.
Kokabiel clasped her hands together and all the screens in front of her disappeared, only to be replaced by a structural diagram of the Heavenly Floating Islands of Ketergia. It was always impossible to know what an angel like Kokabiel was thinking. But it was obvious that she took pleasure in looking at this diagram.

Ketergia, the capital city of Keter Sanctuary, was made up of nine floating islands.
Central Island lay in the middle of the archipelago and was where all the administrative buildings were located. Most of the time when people talked about Ketergia they really meant Central Island.
Right next to Central Island lay the semicircular Heavenly Port, which was the only way in and out of the city.
The surrounding islands were designated Gears one through nine in a clockwise direction.
Looking at the archipelago from above it resembled an enormous crown floating in the sky. The nine ornaments of the crown (the satellite islands) that surrounded Central Island were controlled in such a way that they were always in motion. The city of Ketergia was man-made but moved almost like a single living being.

Just as Kokabiel was about to return from her short break, everyone in the Control Room suddenly tensed up.
Kokabiel’s seat occupied a unique place within the Control Room. It was half-embedded into the wall, covered by a small dome and separated from the rest of the room by permeable walls. The area under the dome around the chair was lit with a brilliant light that matched her angel wings.
It was Apex Ruler Bastion.
As his title suggested, this man, who was covered head to toe in armor, was the commander of the Heavenly Knights.
Kokabiel bowed deeply from her seated position and went back to work.
…Or at least tried to.
“Yes sir, Bastion.”
Kokabiel closed her floating screen and turned to her superior. His heavy footsteps echoed in the background.
Kokabiel remained calm, even though anyone else would be quaking in awe at the presence of their commander.
A low voice came from inside the helmet that completely hid Bastion’s expression.
“Report on the delegation from abroad.”
“Is this about Base? For that location?”
“Yes. Your evaluation.”
“Not enough experience. I have concerns about his judgment, crisis awareness, and concentration. I cannot recommend him.”
“Do you have an alternative in mind?”
“You’re so weak.”
“It’s just like the nine floating islands. I believe that to get closer to the optimal solution we need to work together.”
“So, for now you recommend Base stay in Gear 1?”
“That’s a semicircle. Just another ring.”
“Wasn’t that unity a symbol of chaos?”
“Ironic, coming from a law enforcer.”
“So, it’s decided then.”
“As the Apex Ruler commands.”
“Make the arrangements.”
The staff in the Control Room came alive with excitement. The speed of their conversation was hard to keep up with.

Everyone stood at attention when the armored figure left the room.
Before returning to her duties, Kokabiel put out a single notification on the CloudNet
The Cloud Knight Base, an apprentice Cloud Knight, was to be sent to the neighboring nation called the Dragon Empire…

The End


<<Notes about Terminology>>
The Heavenly Floating Islands of Ketergia
Ketergia, the capital city of Keter Sanctuary, is made up of nine floating islands. The central island is the oldest and most prestigious island of the archipelago, and where most of the administrative buildings were located. Whenever people mentioned Ketergia, it was normally this central island they were referring to.


Story: 金子良馬
Supervising Editor: 中村聡