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A sequel to “CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress”!
This is a sequel to the “CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress” series from 2021!

Four months after the battle at Nagoya Castle, Yu-yu and friends received an invitation to a tournament.
That “Deluxe” tournament aims to determine the strongest fighter, bringing together both “Front Fighters” who are active in official tournaments, and hidden powerhouse “Counter Fighters” like “Blackout” that compete against each other for flags.
The existing characters from overDress will be competing with new characters from will+Dress such as Raika, Michiru, and Urara, to become the strongest of them all!

Production by CLAMP×Kinema citrus
Following the previous series, character design will be done by CLAMP, while the production is by Kinema citrus.
The combination of CLAMP’s beautiful characters and high quality videos of Kinema citrus makes this a production beyond any regular hobby animation!

Daisuke Sakuma (Snow Man) joins the cast!
The new character, Michiru Hazama, is voiced by Daisuke Sakuma, who also voiced the main character in the movie “White Snake” in 2021!
Also featuring popular returning main casts such as Shouta Aoi, Yuma Uchida, and Amane Shindo!

Cast (Japanese Dub / English Dub )
Yu-yu Kondo: Shouta Aoi / James Higuchi | Megumi Okura: Amane Shindo / Lily Pichu
Tohya Ebata: Yuma Uchida / Daniel Fong | Zakusa Ishigame: Masahiro Ito / Hans Wackershauser
Tomari Seto: Hikaru Tono / Brianna Johnston | Mirei Minae: Yuki Nakashima / Emma Fowler Houghton
Danji Momoyama: Yuki Ono / Josh Meredith | Raika Koshiba: Jin Ogasawara / Alex Bergen
Michiru Hazama: Daisuke Sakuma / Brett Bauer | Urara Haneyama: Karin Kagami

Created by: Bushiroad/Akira Ito | Executive Producer and Original Idea: Takaaki Kidani
Original Character Design: CLAMP | Director: Satoshi Mori
Character Design: Hiroyuki Saita / Tomokatsu Nagasaku
Animation Production: Kinema citrus / ぎふとアニメーション / STUDIOJEMI


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