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English Dubbed begins on April 26, 2024 (PDT)!

English Dubbed Broadcast Schedule
New episodes added every week!
Friday 4.00pm PDT | Friday 7.00pm EDT | Saturday 1.00am CEST
Friday 11.00pm UTC | Saturday 7.00am UTC+8

“Everyone has a fate they wish to change”

One day, six cards known as the “Six Desires” were born with the power to change fate.
Six fighters were chosen, and would come to possess those six cards.

What awaited them was the “Fated Clash“, where they would fight each other until the end, and the last one standing would have any wish granted. A youth named Akina Myodo, who wants to help his frail sister, participates in the Fated Clash to have his wish granted.

And thus, he throws himself into battles with powerful fighters.

Production by CLAMP×Kinema citrus
Character designs will continue to be made by CLAMP, and the production by Kinema citrus!
The combination of CLAMP’s beautiful characters and high quality videos of Kinema citrus makes this a production beyond any regular hobby animation!

Cast (Japanese Dub)
Akina Myodo: Toshiya Miyata | Nao Inabe: Yuka Nishio
Taizo Kiyokura: Takumi Mano | Masanori Iseki: Shuta Morishima
Mikoto Saito: Haruki Iwata | Suo Yobitsugi: Reiji Kawashima
Hikari Myodo: Eri Yukimura | Megumi Okura: Amane Shindo
Gabwelius: Jun Fukuyama

Cast (English Dub)
Akina Myodo: Ethan Snowden | Nao Inabe: Rocio Barahona
Taizo Kiyokura: Griffin Cork | Masanori Iseki: Scott Roberts
Mikoto Saito: Amber Billingsley | Suo Yobitsugi: Brett Bauer
Hikari Myodo: Lexi Ly | Megumi Okura: Lily Pichu
Gabwelius: Daegan Manns

Created by: Bushiroad/Akira Ito | Executive Producer and Original Idea: Takaaki Kidani
Original Character Design: CLAMP | Director: Satoshi Mori
Character Design: Hiroyuki Saita / Tomokatsu Nagasaku
Animation Production: Kinema citrus / ぎふとアニメーション / STUDIOJEMI


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