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Short Story [Unit Story]
[027] Cardinal Draco, Destijade
Brandt Gate
Race Cyber Dragon

Card Information

A dragon flies silently through the dark blizzard-filled skies.
Cardinal Draco, Destijade lands gracefully on the white ground, shimmering beautifully with a metallic sheen.
They lower their head and “tail,” which is formed from their back. In human terms, they stoop down.
Destijade’s head and tail immediately shift to the right: a move called Dimension Slash.
A huge amount of energy is released from within the blizzard as the very fabric of space-time is cut, causing the molecules in the air to undergo a phase transition. This enormous blast of energy is centered on Destijade.

The dragon remains still and peaceful in the center of the crater where the melted snow is now evaporating into peals of steam.
Destijade is one of Link Joker’s creations, a Cyber Dragon.
The “hair” on its head starts waving.
The A.R.K that surrounds Destijade starts to glow, releasing a white-blue ray of energy from its mouth. The Cardinal Draco, Destijade, is capable of using the powerful and advanced dimension-manipulation ability known as Karma to utilize the power of the A.R.K that is embedded within its own body.
Straight ahead.
It senses that its attack did not hit its mark.
Right, another right, and up!
The trails of light disappear into the blizzard.
Destijade then ducks to the left without warning. It moves so fast you can almost see an afterimage where it was standing.
This time it cuts through the air with another Dimension Slash!
An enormous explosion bursts forth.
The battle between the Cardinal Draco and this unseen enemy has only just begun.

Illust: 凪羊

The skies around the South Pole turn white.
The dim light reveals a dismal landscape across the snowfield.
The Gate has been destroyed and lies in ruins.
The Gate was a structure that had stood since ancient times. It connected Brandt Gate to other regions of space and even to other dimensions. It used to be considered indestructible. However, when this latest interdimensional visitor arrived it destroyed the Gate.
The snow and ice have been blown away in parts, revealing the bedrock beneath.
And the battle rages on.

The Cardinal Draco, Destijade faces the enemy, who is around 10 meters away.
The sensors in Destijade’s head had picked up the enemy before dawn, when the blizzard had weakened.
It appears to be a quadruped, covered in swirling clouds.
It unleashes its own Dimension Slash by concentrating those clouds into points and releasing them.
It used those extradimensional blades to destroy the seemingly indestructible Gate.
Destijade’s sensors detect that the beast is standing at the ready, as though preparing to unleash a killing blow.
Destijade braces itself in response.
The weapons in its jaws converge, prepared to unleash a massive torrent of energy.
The battle-scarred snowfield fills with murderous intent from both sides.
Without a doubt, after this next move one of them will emerge victorious. If there were anyone there to watch, what happens next would take a mere moment.
A dark Night falls all around.
For anything other than a Cardinal it would have appeared as though they had fallen into a tar pit.
As though the sun itself has been destroyed.
Destijade’s head starts to glow faintly, perhaps too faint for the beast to notice.
Destijade lets out a mighty roar.
Four great shadows emerge from its limbs, which form into the Shadow Army. They rush toward the interdimensional beast.
In return the beast unleashes the Dimension Slash that it had been charging up at the Shadow Army, which only appeared humanoid from the waist up.
The enormous interdimensional blade slashes through the air, obliterating the Shadow Army and gouging straight through the bedrock.
The next moment, there’s a blinding light…
The beast leaps into the air and out of the way.
If it were human, you could say it had its eyes closed in contemplation.
However, Destijade is not human: it is a Cardinal Draco. It does not fear death.
The beast once again forms the clouds around it into a blade and slashes Destijade.
…Or at least it tries. Its body is cut cleanly in two in a single blow by a gigantic blade that swings down from above and then disappears into the air.
A single blow.
Cardinal Draco, Destijade, in preparation for its demise, had wreathed itself in the dark blackness of Night. This is when the Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis, comes to its rescue.
According to reports from the Brandt Gate Outer Space Strategy Division, it was pure luck that Orfist was able to deal with seven incursions by interdimensional beasts at the same time in one night.
Orfist, still wielding the scythe of destiny, stands with the rising sun behind it. One could be excused for thinking it did so with a hint of pride.

The Cardinals are soldiers of the Night who fight against unseen enemies from other worlds. They utilize the mysterious A.R.K that was discovered on Planet Brandt.
They never sheathe their blades. They stand ready for the next battle in the Night.

The End

* The written script and units have been converted into those used on Earth. *


<<Notes about Terminology>>
Cyber Dragon
Cyber Dragons are a race of dragon unique to Brandt Gate. A creature made out of an organic metalloid that can survive on the surface of Brandt (currently known as “Brandt Moon,” the second satellite of Planet Cray), as well as in the extreme cold of the south pole and even in outer space. As a form of dragon, they were known to be fearsome in battle, but the Cardinal Draco, Destijade in particular was even able to resist attacks and invasions from other worlds and dimensions, and even the spread of the Night by manipulating the power and capabilities of A.R.K.

Cyber Golem
A cybernetic organism created by Link Joker. The Cyber Golem was (unlike the Cyber Dragon) an artificial life form. When they appeared as sentinels of the invader Link Joker, they were responsible for the complete and utter destruction and subjugation of their enemies thanks to their mechanical capabilities. After the intervention of Messiah, Link Joker was made a resident of Planet Cray and so they redirected their energies to a different cause. Orfist Regis is the Cardinal Dominus, the greatest protector of Planet Cray on the invisible front line protecting the planet’s civilians against any would-be invaders.

The Capabilities of A.R.K
→See Unit 16 “Cardinal Noid, Thumborino”

The Battle of Cardinal Noid and Night
→See “Cardinal” in the World Column – Selseera’s Library of Secret Records


Story: 金子良馬
Supervising Editor: 中村聡