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World Column - Selseera's Library of Secret Records

000 [Prologue: The Mage and the Disciple]

  • Knowledge is a treasure, and words are weapons.” We shall travel around Planet Cray, and collect the lost fragments of memories.
  • (Hmph, nailed it.)
  • Not the time to be acting cool, Ms. Selseera. Aren’t we lost yet again?
  • You still don’t get it after travelling so long together, Arius? Using the shortest route with the fastest speed is just “moving”, not travelling.
  • Oh, is that right. Even then, master really has no sense of direction. As a mage, you should be able to use scouting magic… (muttering)
  • Silence, you greenhorn. Your so-called scientific items are just pieces of junk when they run out of electricity.
  • Master, you promised to not say that…
  • I have magic, this brilliant McGuffin staff, and Lil’ Muu. You’re just a disciple, an apprentice that is lower than a grunt. Learn your place.
  • I’m below the staff!? And Moonback, you are referring to that fluffy thing around your neck right!?
  • I won’t forgive you for making fun of lil’ Muu. If Moonback materializes, it is the strongest beast akin to a thousand. It’ll finish you in a single bite.
  • Can you please not set beasts on your disciple?
  • Hm, only because you were so cheeky. Go ahead, apologize and beg me to teach you again.
  • …I am very sorry. If it is possible, it would be great if I can receive guidance from master again, Miss Selseera.
  • Nn, just that? What about the usual? The one you always do.
  • Ehhh, that again?
  • It is an important duty of the disciple to liven up the mood of the master.
  • … The one and only, unprecedented and unrivaled great sage that is the treasure of Dark States, she who is well-versed in all the memories of the planet ancient and current, the mighty “Seeker of Knowledge, Selseera”. I beseech you to please bestow upon me the teachings of your knowledge.
  • Very well. It will do you well to follow me closely, you unworthy disciple. (What a pleasant feeling…)
  • Haa…