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002 [Diabolos]

  • Hey Arius, do you know of the “Gallows Bowl”?
  • Yes. Back when I was in my hometown, I watched matches sometimes through the net broadcast.
  • That’s surprising. You, watching such an extreme sport.
  • My family enjoys the hype, but it is indeed a bit too stimulating for me… ahaha.
  • As expected, you can’t handle it. That’s just like you.
  • Also, since I started travelling with master, there has been no chances to come into contact with TV or net. (Always travelling to secluded mountains or uninhabited islands or ruins…)
  • But even someone like you would have heard of team “Diabolos”, right?
  • The famous 4 brothers, right? The youngest son, Matt, the third son, Steve, the second son, Richard…
  • And Bruce is the eldest brother. By the way, all of them are from the demon race. Never shying away from fights, they have been causing scenes ever since they arrived on Planet Cray.
  • There has been a constant stream of unbelievable hearsays about them after all, both in and out of the stadium. Chasing people who tried headhunting their members to the ends of the continent, having a huge fight in the wilds that caused even the river to change shape…
  • Truly men among men (nods approvingly). Even then, the Gallows Bowl cannot be held with just the four of them.
  • Diabolos boys, girls, officers. From players to cheerleaders, coaches to support staff, there’s a whole lot of them. Somehow, all of them seems scary.
  • Rules are such that even if using fire extinguishers, its fine as long as its an indirect attack. Charge attacks, explosives, setting traps, anything goes. I love these things. It’s a pity that there are so few chances to view their games.
  • (Good thing my life has no links to Gallows Bowl)
  • Fufufu. Arius, there’s actually a similar Bowl that you can watch even from this place. Come out, Muu-chan! McGuffin staff can join in the make-believe Gallows Bowl!
  • Eh, ehhhhh!? (That staff, it can move by itself!?)