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World Column - Selseera's Library of Secret Records

003 [Cloud Knights]

  • Arius. We have finally arrived. This is the capital of Keter Sanctuary, the Heavenly Floating Islands of Ketergia
  • Amazing… Are all of these made by the people?
  • I brought you here since you keep complaining about going to the boonies, so you better be grateful.
  • Thank you very much! (The choice of words is the same, but this is definitely how master shows her care)
  • Ketergia is a town made of 9 floating islands. Each of the islands are always changing positions, but will never collide.
  • I am also a scientist, but the power to lift such a huge island and keep it afloat… it surpasses my imagination.
  • It’s the same for a mage like me. Well, as expected of the holy nation that was once called United Sanctuary, a brilliant display of architecture using the fusion of science and magic.
  • Eh, something just crossed our paths in the sky earlier. Was that a bird?
  • So, you saw that. That was a Cloud Knight.
  • Cloud Knight?
  • Heavenly Knight Brigade “Cloud Knights”. Their headquarters are located in the capital Ketergia, and is an organization created to protect Keter Sanctuary from threats within and without.
  • Ah, that was a single Heavenly Knight, hence “Cloud Knight”, right.
  • There’s no difference in using either. Also, their flight capabilities apparently come from their armor.
  • Hmm. It probably has some kind of propulsion device. I wonder what is its power source?
  • What are you talking about, propulsion device and power source? Just apply flight magic to the armor and you are good to go. (That’s why, scientists are always like this)
  • Ah… Well, you can also put it that way. (The line between science and magic is rough)
  • Weapons that can be treated as wings, and armor that provide flight capabilities, those can be said to be the trademarks of a Cloud Knight.
  • Oh, they are still flying. That’s so cool, Cloud Knights.
  • By the way, it seems like there are no racial restrictions for joining the Knight Brigade. How about you try applying, Arius?
  • Ah, I’ll refrain… I’m actually afraid of heights.
  • Oho… I see. In that case… Here!
  • Ahh! Stop it, master! Please don’t push! Its above the clouds here. What will you do if I fell!?
  • Don’t worry. When that happens, I’ll make you float using magic. Just like the clouds.
  • That’s not what I was talking about!