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World Column - Selseera's Library of Secret Records

004 [Sylvan Horned Beasts and Lettia Great Canyon]

  • Hey Arius, it is said that the lush nature has a healing effect.
  • Yes. I was a city kid, but even I feel really good right now. There’s a really comforting sleepiness here.
  • The countryside is also great, right? My disciple.
  • Yes. …Uh, master, the place we are at is the nation that was once called “Zoo”, right?
  • Indeed. We are in the great forest located in the northern part of Stoicheia currently.
  • The location that you told me earlier… What was it again?
  • It’s the “Lettia Great Canyon”.
  • And the unique race here… uh…
  • You’re talking about the Sylvan Horned Beasts? Yes, they are beasts that only appear in this region, and their trademark is a horn made from trees growing on their body.
  • Oh, so that’s why they are “Sylvan” horned beasts.
  • Cats, bears, wolves, deer and other similar animals exists, but each of them is slightly different. A stem growing from their body blooming into a flower, ore-like items that float while surrounding the body, and others.
  • Really…
  • You can even communicate with the sylvan horned beasts.
  • That was also something I was looking forward to on the way here. Muu-chan (the fluffy beast, Moonback, that has transformed into the item around my neck) is unfortunately unable to speak in words that you understand. Isn’t it great to be able to communicate with the beasts?
  • That’s right, the one that stands atop the sylvan horned beasts is “Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia”, who is also said to be the avatar of the forest. Even the inhabitants of the forest rarely meets with it.
  • Hey Arius, did you fall asleep? …Well, it has been a long journey till here. I’ll let you have a nice rest.
  • What is it. Even I am feeling extremely sleepy now. Does the Lettia Great Canyon reject those with enmity, and embrace those with goodwill in comfort… that kind of stuff?
  • ……。
  • Oh, that’s a great figure I see. Are you the Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia? …I have always wanted to speak with you. About the nature from the old Zoo that is brimming with divinity and the plentiful magic found here. But I can no longer keep my eyes open. Good day to you, Lord Sylvan Horn Beast King.
  • … (gentle snoring)
  • … (gentle snoring)