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World Column - Selseera's Library of Secret Records

005 [Aurora Battle Princess]

  • Arius, can you read this? → “Aurora Battle Princess”
  • Is it Au-ro-ra Ba-ttle Prin-cess, master?
  • That’s right. Next → “Intergalactic Police Security Organization”
  • In-ter-ga-lac-tic Po-lice Se-cu-ri-ty Or-ga-ni-za-tion?
  • Nope. It’s read as “Cosmo Security”.
  • Master, that is definitely a trick question.
  • This is a super famous company in Brandt Gate. It’s you that are lacking in your studies.
  • So, master, what is it about the Aurora Battle Princess and Cosmo Security?
  • Oh, Arius. What kind of situation are we in right now?
  • Ah, uh… We have travelled to the vicinity of the otherworld gate located in Brandt Gate, and a group of aliens suddenly appeared and started chasing us. We’re in the midst of a full-speed sprint through the tundra!
  • Exactly. The Cosmo Security exists for moments like this. Hey, you are holding on to something like a mobile phone, right?
  • Yes, that is indeed so……
  • Don’t stop, you fool! Call the Cosmo Security with that. An Aurora Battle Princess Agent will be dispatched quickly.
  • That’s amazing! …Say, master, do you know the number for Cosmo Security? I can’t make the call without it…
  • You useless fool! No, wait a moment, in the residential dome that we passed earlier, there was a young girl in gaudy clothes that handed a flyer to me. I placed it here if I recall…
  • Master, don’t stop!
  • Silence! Ohh, its here! Now its time for you to make the call on your mobile phone thing. Time for the Aurora Battle Princess agent cloaked with the Intergalactic weaponry “Aurora Flame” to repel those monsters.
  • Yes! …Ah, oh no!
  • What’s wrong?
  • It seems that… its out of range here.
  • Haa? (what does that “out of range” even mean)
  • I-in any case, let’s keep running. Until we reach somewhere with reception! Let’s go!