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Short Story [Unit Story]
[019] Moment of Capture! Aurora Battle Princess 24-hr Coverage!
Brandt Gate

Card Information

Brandt Gate Central Dome, Night, 0:11

“You saw that alien just now, right?”
“Sound the alarm! We’re turning back.”
“Yes, Ms. Pink!”
The surveillance team in the car missed it, but there was indeed an air car that had made a sudden turn to avoid the Cosmo Security patrol. You could always trust the instincts of the Aurora Battle Princess Rissat Pink, the driver and observer on that day’s patrol.
“It was that yellow air car. Lower our altitude, we’ll get them from below. Left, head left!”
“What was that, Canary?”
Aurora Battle Princess Birett Canary was new and was acting as the assistant on the patrol. Before we set out, she had said “I’m a little nervous. Teehee.”
“Erm… he says ‘Why am I being arrested,’ ma’am.”
“Interpret for me. We found this in your car, sir. Antiproton batteries are an illegal energy source. Do you understand?”
The humanoid alien seems to protest this.
“We are not the police. We are acting on their behalf because of a report they’ve received. The report mentioned an alien carrying an illegal energy source who had slipped through customs at the orbital station and managed to make it to the Central Dome. You are aware of how dangerous antiproton technology is, aren’t you, sir? If it destabilizes it could take out the entire planet.”
“He says he wasn’t aware of that.”
“Yes, yes. Now, would you mind coming with us to the station? There’s no use resisting, so please don’t try.”
“Yes. There’s no point trying to resist.”
The team had been looking forward to seeing the legendary capture method of Risatt Pink, but the alien just hangs its head and gives in. I guess we won’t have to use the Melting Heart, a technique which breaks the criminal’s spirit and sends them off to jail.
“Canary, cuff him.”
“Roger, ma’am! Suspect acquired at 0:32 Central Dome Standard Time. Put your hands behind your back.”
After being processed at the Central Dome Police HQ, the alien is deported for illegal energy possession and handling.

Cosmo Security HQ Investigation Division 1 7:42

Cosmo Security starts work early.
The door to the elite Division 1 opens, and Aurora Battle Princess Wapper Plun energetically greets the rest of the team.
“You’re late, Plun. We’re nearly ready to head out.”
Mel Horizon doesn’t look up from the triple gun system that she’s testing as she admonishes the tardy Wapper Plun.
On the first day when we were interviewed, the director of photography was bombarded with questions about her name, which refers to something shining and beautiful. She sure is as shining and beautiful as any horizon I’ve ever seen.
“I’m ready to go. Just point me in the right direction.”
That’s Roudend Azalea, the incorrigible Aurora Battle Princess with the six-shooter rocket launcher. She’s as pure as the flower she’s named after and will never sully her reputation with idle tomfoolery.
“Good, we’re all here. Captain, a few words?”
Aurora Battle Princess Derii Violet addresses the group. She’s the cool, calm, and collected heart of the group. However, in truth her passion for justice is unmatched.
“Good morning. Let’s prepare ourselves for another day of protecting the citizens of our beloved city from both internal and external threats. Good luck, everyone.”
“All right!”
As Perio Turquoise, the leader of the Aurora Battle Princesses makes this proclamation, I feel everyone in the room tense up.

Brandt Gate Central Dome Exterior 13:03

“Targets acquired. Pursue and neutralize,” Perio Turquoise orders.
“Cosmo Security! Freeze!”
As the voice echoes over the frozen ground of Brandt Gate the aliens scatter like cockroaches.
“Possession of heavy weapons is prohibited this close to the dome.”
Turquoise’s voice comes through loud and clear on the Cosmo Security radio installed in the car.
It seems she could sense her team’s wordless protests.
Of course, it would be better to do this peacefully. I’m not against a peaceful resolution per se, but engaging in thrilling arrests of dastardly aliens was what attracted me to Cosmo Security in the first place.
“Heh, is this all that the mighty Cosmo Security can muster?”
“Too easy. Hahah!”
A surveillance microphone picks up the chatter from the aliens.
None of us missed Derii Violet’s hand unconsciously making its way toward the weapon at her hip. Turquoise also notices this and stares her down.
The members of the Aurora Battle Princesses are all young women. For such young officers it can be hard to hold back in the name of justice.
“Observation to Leader. Three aliens arrested, and the remaining four have changed course. Now heading for the dome.”
“Roger. Take care of them. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the latest tech.”
The second half of what Turquoise said was aimed at us on the surveillance team.
“Violet, Flying Cuff.”
“Roger. Releasing the Flying Cuffs. Everyone, spread!” Derii Violet commands as she starts the incantation.
“What the–?” We hear on the surveillance camera.
A huge pair of cuffs appear from the winter blizzard and chase after the aliens. Just like real cuffs, these are two metal cuffs connected by a white beam of energy.
The Flying Cuffs relentlessly pursue the targets, until– Clang! The law is applied with serious force.


“Wahhh!” “Hyaah!” “Gaaah!” “Help!”
The remaining four aliens are caught in one fell swoop.
We safely capture the suspects all thanks to Cosmo Security’s latest and greatest technology, the Flying Cuffs!
“Mission accomplished. Well done, everyone,” Derii Violet says.
“You too,” the agents all respond.
“But there’s no time to relax. We’ve received a report of an armed robbery in Sector F. This may require an armed response.”
I think I hear a cheer over the radio, but the surveillance team decides to ignore it.

Get to the scene as quickly as possible. Minimize damage.
Those are the core tenets for all Cosmo Security agents.

The End

* All units have been converted to those used on Earth *


<<Notes about Terminology>>
Aurora Battle Princess
Agents of Cosmo Security, the security agency in Brandt Gate.
Their bodies are wreathed in the Aurora Frame and tasked with responding to reports of alien incursions, such as potential invaders of Planet Cray, by rushing to the scene, apprehending the suspect quickly, and then transporting them to the Galactolus Central Prison.
Brandt Gate is a gateway between Planet Cray and other worlds and regions of space, so it has a lot of alien visitors. The criminals among those visitors are handled by the space force, the local dome security, and by Cosmo Security, depending on the threat level.


Story: 金子良馬
Supervising Editor: 中村聡