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2016/07/15 Column


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Here to Save the Day! – An Explanation for Rescue

Author: Ronin

Black Seraph, Gavrail

The release of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Booster Pack Vol. 7 Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword brought with it the new keyword ability for Angel Feather, Rescue. This ability allows the player to “heal X damage, and deal X damage to your vanguard” depending on the number printed beside the Rescue keyword. For example, “Rescue 1” would mean that you will heal 1 damage, then deal 1 damage to your vanguard, “Rescue 2” would allow you to heal 2 damage, then deal 2 damage to your vanguard, and so on and so forth.

This has sparked many questions, as the resolution of damage would usually include performing trigger checks, and if triggers are revealed, resolving trigger effects. Sometimes, there are abilities that activate when cards are put into the damage zone, such as Love Sniper, Nociel’s ability to put a “Nociel” to your hand from your damage zone when it is placed into the damage zone. While the resolution of damage is rather straightforward if it’s a Rescue 1, things become a bit more complicated when we take a look at Rescue 2. So, how does all this resolve?

Vanguard Damage

Firstly, we will need to talk about a new concept called “vanguard damage”.

Vanguard damage is a value that all vanguards have that is usually at 0. When your vanguard is dealt damage, this value goes up according to the amount of damage that was dealt to it. An attack that hits with 2 critical would cause the vanguard to have a vanguard damage of 2.

Damage Process

When your vanguard has vanguard damage that is 1 or greater, and there are no other rule actions to resolve, you must perform the damage process for your vanguard. This is processed by reducing the vanguard damage by 1, then placing a card from the top of the deck into the trigger zone, and performing a damage check (all trigger effects, and only trigger effects, are resolved during this damage check!).

You will then put that card into the damage zone. Then, if you still have vanguard damage, repeat this process until your vanguard damage is 0. Do note that during this damage process, there is no check timing, so any automatic effects that activate due to this damage process will not resolve until the damage process is complete.

Putting it All Together

So let’s put this all into a live example. Say I have a vanguard Black Seraph, Gavrail, and at the end of the battle, I use its Rescue 2 ability and I place a Laser Clutcher, Ke’el from my damage zone to the drop zone. Then, during the first damage check, I reveal a Critical trigger. How would I resolve all this effects? Can I resolve Laser Clutcher, Ke’el’s ability first, call it to the field, and then add the power from the Critical trigger to it?

Since I sent Laser Clutcher, Ke’el from the damage zone to the drop zone, its automatic ability will activate and be put to stand-by. However, as there is no check timing during the resolution of the Rescue ability, it will remain in stand-by until the end of the Rescue ability. Then, since I revealed a Critical trigger during the damage process, I would have to resolve that first before dealing with the second vanguard damage. After I finish resolving the second vanguard damage, since my vanguard damage is now 0, the damage process ends, and we enter a check timing. During this check timing, I would then be able to resolve Laser Clutcher, Ke’el’s ability that was put in stand-by during the damage process.

So what if we’re playing an Extreme Fight match, and I add the +5000 power from the critical trigger to my rear-guard Cosmic Hero, Grandchopper during the first damage check? As mentioned above, there are no check timings during the resolution of Rescue, so the ability would be put to stand-by, and only resolve after Rescue has completely resolved.


We hope we’ve helped to shed some light on how to properly resolve damage with the new damage process and vanguard damage systems! If you have any queries regarding this, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at! Our friendly support staff would be glad to assist you~

That’s it for this week’s column! See you next week~




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