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If you are a shop owner/retailer and would like to carry Bushiroad games and products, please kindly contact our official distributors in your region.

Bushiroad Event Support

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Japan Bushiroad Inc.

Tel No.: +81 (0) 3-5348-0852
*for queries on Japanese Edition products and events only

Singapore Bushiroad International Pte Ltd
Manufacture & Distribution

Address: 331 North Bridge Road, #03-03
Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720
Tel No.: +65 6337-1153
*for queries on English Edition products and Events

USA Bushiroad USA Inc.

Address: 20690 Carrey Road, Walnut, CA 91789
Tel No.: +1 (909) 869-9199
*for queries related to North America and Latin America

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