About Cardfight!! Vanguard

Imagine it! Exciting battles await on the Earth-like “Planet Cray”!
Lead the charge as the Vanguard, and show your allies the path to victory!

“Cardfight!! Vanguard” is a multimedia franchise which revolves around the trading card game of the same name.
The trading card game is also available in Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian, and is enjoyed by many cardfighters around the world!

Nations & Clans

In Cardfight!! Vanguard, players make use of cards called Units to do battle! Each unit belongs to a unique faction called a Clan, and each Clan belongs to a larger group called a Nation. There are 6 Nations and 25 main Clans in total.

Each Clan has a unique visual style that set them apart from other Clans, and in terms of gameplay Clans define the primary strategy of a deck. That being said, within Clans there are variations on that strategy depending on the main unit your deck is focused on, so there is definitely a Vanguard to suit your playstyle!

Royal Paladin

The main knight army of United Sanctuary, Royal Paladin exemplifies strength in numbers. To that end, Royal Paladin cards feature powerful effects that enables players to superior call units from the deck to the field and greatly boosting their power!

Imaginary Gift:

Solitary Knight, Gancelot
A skillful knight that empowers the legendary Blaster Blade. In order to unlock its full potential, cards that can search for or retrieve Blaster Blade from the deck or drop zone are essential for this strategy!

Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile
A highly flexible card – every grade 2 unit in your deck and drop zone is at your disposal! Use its ability to populate your field with ease and put constant pressure on your opponent!

Majesty Lord Blaster
This mythical warrior becomes a force to be reckoned with when the powers of light (Blaster Blade) and shadow (Blaster Dark) are combined!

Shadow Paladin

The dark knights of United Sanctuary work in the shadows and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Shadow Paladin’s abilities center around sacrificing their allies to unleash devastating abilities!

Imaginary Gift:

Phantom Blaster Dragon
Devour your rear-guards in exchange for immense power! Cards that can superior call additional units to the field for its abilities cheaply that help to pay for the cost of Phantom Blaster Dragon’s ability are perfect in this deck.

Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom
A dark knight that works in perfect tandem with the legendary Blaster Dark to amass a large number of Force markers quickly for multiple high-power attacks! To ensure you can execute your strategy, be sure to include ways to search for both Mordred Phantom and Blaster Dark!

Claret Sword Dragon
This fearsome dragon can end battles in an instant with its ability to attack twice in a single turn!
Cards that can help you quickly fill the drop zone with grade 1 cards are essential for this deck, andyou can put on lots of pressure early using Force II!

Gold Paladin

The second main army of United Sanctuary that specializes in rapid attacks. Gold Paladin strategies revolve around calling units from the top of the deck to deliver more attacks and ending the battle decisively before the opponent can react!

Imaginary Gift:

Incandescent Lion, Blonde Ezel
Gain multiple Accel circles at an early stage of the game through superior riding into stronger forms and open up more rear-guard circles! The strength of this deck lies in the Accel II marker, which allows you to draw more cards as you superior ride and find more units to attack with.

Knight of Fury, Agravain
Pressure your opponent with wave upon wave of attacks while building up to its powerful, game-ending Soulblast 12 ability! Cards that allow you to superior call truly shine in this deck, as they augment Agravain’s ability to superior call additional attackers each battle phase.

Oracle Think Tank

A business conglomerate in United Sanctuary that specializes in divination and magical protection, Oracle Think Tank strategies often involve manipulating the top of their decks to set up powerful offensive turns while amassing a hefty card advantage over their opponents.

Imaginary Gift:

Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
On top of powerful card draw and top-deck manipulation, you can continue to apply offensive pressure with extra power boosts to your triggers! Rear-guards with abilities that impede the opponent’s defense can use this boost to force attacks through.

Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo
Adding a twist on the top-deck manipulation and card draw capabilities, Susanoo allows players to reveal cards as they draw them! Units released in the same booster have powerful effects that activate when they are revealed by the player’s effects!


A sister entity to Oracle Think Tank that also offers divination and magical protection services, Genesis boasts a diverse style of gameplay that revolves around Soul-Charging and Soul-Blasting to power various effects!

Imaginary Gift:

Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis
Buff up your rear-guards with the unique divine gauge mechanic! Certain rear-guards can also utilize this divine gauge for various purposes, such as gaining even more power, or even retiring opposing units!

Gleaming Lord, Uranus
By stacking up large numbers of Force markers, players can unlock the Astral Plane mechanic that allows for the powerful Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion to descend upon the battlefield! The drive checks from Valkerion go into your soul, which can then be used to power other abilities!

Angel Feather

A medical institute headquartered in United Sanctuary that specializes in magical healing. Angel Feather’s play style centers on manipulating the cards in the damage zone to gain an advantage, and some cards even allow you to heal damage outright!

Imaginary Gift:

Crimson Impact, Metatron
Superior call a card from your damage to improve your offense, then use its second ability to trigger abilities of your rear-guards that go off when cards are put into your damage zone! Due to its ease of use, Metatron can synergize with almost any other strategy in Angel Feather.

Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh
Besides damage-zone manipulation, Malkuth-melekh offers a powerful superior call effect that returns units to the field from the drop zone! When used with key support units and Protect II, your offensive capabilities improve considerably!


Powerful flame dragons and their allies make up Kagero, the primary attack force of Dragon Empire! Their main tactics revolve around retiring the opponent’s rear-guards, but Kagero vanguards also often have game-ending abilities as well that take advantage of the opponent’s weakened state!

Imaginary Gift:

Dragonic Blademaster “Souen”
With Wyvern Strike, Garan and Wyvern Strike, Doha on the field, you can control the opponent’s field while attacking with the powerful Vision token – a rear-guard unit that is able to perform Twin Drive!!

Dragonic Overlord the End
This iconic unit focuses on repeated attacks from the vanguard that burn down the opponent’s defenses! Effects that can retire the opponent’s rear-guards and add restrictions to guarding are a good complement!


Dragon Empire’s second attack force is made up of thunder dragons and their allies! Their playstyle focuses on lightning-fast aggression, while also denying the opponent’s resources by retiring their rear-guards, or binding them – permanently removing them from the equation!

Imaginary Gift:

Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon
Apart from the powerful field control it provides, this unit is no slouch when it comes to attacking with its bonus power and critical – and it only gets stronger when it faces opposing Accel clans!

Dragonic Vanquisher
The perfect vanguard for an aggressive Narukami deck centered on boosting its allies power while also controlling the opponent’s field and hand size! Use it in tandem with cards that can allow you to perform additional attacks to exploit its massive front-row power boost!


Dinodragons augmented with heavy artillery weapons make up Tachikaze, the ground assault force of Dragon Empire. They are able to gain overwhelming power by devouring their allies and tear down their opponent’s defenses with superior firepower!

Imaginary Gift:

Tyrant, Deathrex
Devour your allies that have equip gauge and gain a massive power boost! Cards that are able to generate their own equip gauge are highly recommended in this deck, since this ability can be used when Deathrex is a rear-guard as well!

Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor
Instead of focusing all equip gauge on one unit, Gaia Emperor encourages players to spread their equip gauge across their field in order to gain the heftiest boost in power! It can also gain additional power and critical – key buffs that can help it push for game!


An espionage division of the Dragon Empire army, Nubatama specializes in disruption and sabotage! They debilitate the opponent’s ability to defend and attack through unorthodox means like discarding or binding cards from the opponent’s hand directly!
They are also able to create Evil Decoy tokens, which are able to intercept from the back row and are able to provide support to other Nubatama units.

Imaginary Gift:

Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm
It packs a potent defensive ability that the opponent must account for at all times, while also sporting a great offensive ability that complements the “hit and run” playstyle of the clan!

Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo
This shadowy dragon sports a devastating ability that shreds the opponent’s field and hand cards, and also grants itself a potent power boost! Use cards that are able to generate Evil Decoy tokens alongside it to pay for the cost of its ability!


An espionage division of the Dragon Empire army, Murakumo employs special techniques that allow them to bring forth copies of themselves that can lay waste to their enemies in an instant! Their tricky abilities add extra pressure to the opponent as well, as some of their cards gain bonuses when the attack doesn’t hit!

Imaginary Gift:

Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU
A powerful effect that reinforces your field presence, while simultaneously blocking your opponent’s options! With Left Arrester and Right Arrester on the field, they are forced to pass a turn just attacking with their rear-guards, while staring down an ever-growing army on your side!

Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie
The perfect pair of units for a hyper-aggressive play-style, Yasuie helps you quickly fill your board with units, followed by the superior ride ability that allows you to attack a second time with your vanguard and develops more Accel markers for future turns!

Samurai Chieftain, HYU-GA
A perfectly self-sufficient card – summoning a unit to the field, then granting all units on the field the same name, so the opponent’s units can be removed from the field! Cards that reference other cards with the same name as themselves are perfect for this deck, since those requirements can be easily met.


Megacolony are a hive of criminals hidden in the nation of Zoo whose crafty abilities allow them to cripple their opponent’s game plan! This is mainly achieved by preventing the opponent’s rear-guards from being put to Stand, although their other effects including disabling rear-guard abilities, and preventing the opponent from intercepting!

Imaginary Gift:

Machining Spark Hercules
Numerous Megacolony rear-guards have abilities that put themselves to Rest in order to use their abilities (especially the more debilitating ones!), so Machining Spark Hercules is the perfect way to get them ready for battle again!

True Demonic Rifle Rogue, Gunningcoleo
Though it may not be as flashy as some other vanguards, Gunningcoleo is no less devastating! Coupled with other cards that can restrict your opponent’s guarding ability, this card can act as a potent finisher indeed!

Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora
With the powerful Cradle marker, you can drain your opponent’s resources by forcing them to replace their rear-guards, and when they do, you get to add cards from your deck to your hand! Use it alongside other cards that interact with the Cradle marker for maximum effect!

Neo Nectar

Neo Nectar cultivates the largest share of produce on Planet Cray, and is heavily involved in its trade. They are far from helpless, however; the Neo Nectar playstyle focuses on superior calling units and creating unique Plant tokens that become a force to be reckoned with if left unchecked!

Imaginary Gift:

Arboros Dragon, Sephirot
Sephirot grows the otherwise unassuming plant tokens to a towering size! Use it in conjunction with cards that can generate more tokens and fill the board with boosted Plant tokens, and save your other hand cards for defense!

White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia
Sporting a different method of sowing the seeds to a powerful field presence, Cecilia allows players to call units directly from the top of their deck! Even if you start the turn with just 1 card in your hand, this card allows you to develop a powerful offense almost instantly!

Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha
Apart from generating plant tokens, Ahsha is able to create the unique Ahsha’s Flower Fairy token, which inherits the name, power, and critical of your Ahsha vanguard when it attacks! Double the flower, double the power!

Great Nature

A university of animals with the highest concentration of creatures with genius-level IQ! In terms of gameplay, Great Nature units can provide bursts of power to their rear-guards at the cost of retiring them at the end of the turn, but the clan can recoup their losses by drawing cards when their units are retired, or they may even get to ‘revive’ them to the field!

Imaginary Gift:

Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows, Isabelle
A unique method of gaining bonuses that becomes far more powerful when the conditions on its first ability is fulfilled! Combine this with other cards that use the same mechanic, such as School Hunter, Leo-pald, to unleash the full power of your units!

Pencil Hero, Hammsuke
A powerful engine for aggression, this card filters cards out of your deck while developing Accel circles for a sustained assault!

Nova Grappler

A group of otherworldly professional fighters that show off their skills in the popular “Nova Grapple”, a no-holds-barred fighting tournament! Nova Grappler strategies focus on multiple hard-hitting attacks, often forgoing defensive capabilities in favor of knocking their competition off the stage before they can mount a comeback!

Imaginary Gift:

Asura Kaiser
A simple but powerful effect, bombard your opponent with a flurry of high-powered attacks! As an Accel clan with Front triggers, the hits are sure to come hard and fast!

Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon
By improving your Front triggers’ performance, this card greatly boosts the offensive potential of your attacks! Use it alongside other cards that also boost Front trigger performance, or cards that can re-stand themselves for additional attacks to make the most of the huge increase in power.

Dimension Police

An interdimensional police force that protects whole universes from cosmic villainy. Dimension Police’s playstyle focuses on increasing the vanguard’s power, and the vanguard in turn will be able to unleash supreme abilities!

Imaginary Gift:

Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha
When your vanguard achieves enough power, the Ultimate Dimensional Robo can superior ride onto the vanguard circle for a bonus attack! It provides a power boost to the front row as well, allowing you to swing first with your vanguard, then again with Great Daiyusha for maximum damage output.

Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
Instead of increasing the vanguard’s power, Grandgallop rewards the player for increasing its critical value! Increase its base critical to 2 with Force 2, then use its own ability to give it an additional critical! All you need is 1 more critical from a rear-guard effect, and you’ll be able to bring its full power to bear!

Bermuda Triangle

A global pop idol phenomenon based deep in the seas of Magallanica! Bermuda Triangle does not have a single defining playstyle, but are generally focused on establishing a powerful field presence and gaining overwhelming power bonuses from it!

Imaginary Gift:

Colorful Pastorale, Sonata
The core of a deck focused around Melody, this unit grants a substantial power boost to all units with Melody on the field! Other units with Melody share their abilities with Sonata as well, and Sonata is able to search for additional Melody rear-guards to amp up their combined performance!

Top Idol, Pacifica
An adorable vanguard that rewards players for having multiple copies of it on the field! Use it alongside cards that can search for extra copies of Pacifica, or that can retrieve copies of Pacifica that end up in the damage zone or the drop zone!

Diva of Atlantea, Iryna
In order to use their abilities, only one copy of each normal unit can be included in your deck! In exchange, you can make use of powerful and unprecedented abilities!

Aqua Force

A powerful naval force that patrols the seas, ever-ready to face anything that would threaten their home! Needless to say, they are at constant odds with the plundering Granblue pirates. Their battle tactics revolve around waves of attacks that batter the enemy’s defenses rapidly and relentlessly!

Imaginary Gift:

Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
A powerful card that ends games all by itself! Force your opponent to end the game quickly, or face the full wrath of the storm once you ride a second copy of Glory Maelstrom! Rear-guards that can attack multiple times can truly bring out the full potential of Glory Maelstrom’s buffs.

Last Card, Revonn
Revonn sports a different method of cutting through the opponent’s defenses – by dropping their power for the turn! This makes it easier for units with lower power to chip at the opponent first, before the vanguard itself swings in with bonus critical!


Consisting of several different factions of undead pirates that pillage and plunder the seas, Granblue’s actions often draw the ire of Aqua Force. True to the theme of “undead”, Granblue abilities and tactics revolve around returning units from the drop zone back to the field!

Imaginary Gift:

Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus
A self-sufficient vanguard that gains a great offensive boost passively that can also fill your drop zone by itself and superior call units to the field – this is the epitome of Granblue!

Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose
While Nightrose lacks the ability to fill the drop zone by herself, her ability to superior call units from the drop zone in battle ensures that the deck has good offensive pressure! She also grants rear-guards a boost in power at the cost of retiring them at the end of the battle – only to be called again from the depths!

Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist
An unusual unit that uses the special Treasure marker mechanic, the Seven Seas pirates gain more buffs the more Treasures there are on the field, through Nightmist’s ability! Other Seven Seas units are also able to gather Treasure markers, so you can build quickly to the required amount!

Dark Irregulars

A clan of supernatural beings who believe might makes right, the Dark Irregulars consists of just that – misfits and oddities banished for their deviance. Dark Irregular units focus on increasing the number of cards in the soul to unlock the overwhelming power of their vanguards!

Imaginary Gift:

Demonic Deep Phantasm Emperor, Brufas
Build up your soul quickly with its first ability, and control the opponent’s field with its second ability! As it can quickly build soul to meet ability requirements or cost requirements, you can include rear-guards with strict soul requirements, or other offensive vanguards to end the game!

No Life King, Death Anchor
A fearsome game-ending unit, Death Anchor threatens the opponent with attacks at monstrous power levels! Due to its “13 cards in soul” condition, though, rear-guards that can build up the soul quickly are highly recommended in this deck!

Scharhrot Vampir
Similar to Death Anchor, Scharhrot Vampir pulls no punches when it comes to beating down – but instead of attacking twice with your vanguard, you can stand up to two rear-guards for additional attacks! He also pumps up your front row units with ungodly amounts of power, so it will be no easy feat guarding against this barrage!

Spike Brothers

Participants in a ferocious sport called “Gallows Ball”, the Spike Brothers will do anything it takes to achieve victory on the pitch! Gameplay wise, Spike Brother rear-guards can gain monstrous amounts of power, allowing you to break through the opponent’s defenses and score a touchdown! Beware, though – this power usually comes at the price of sending the rear-guard back to the deck at the end of the battle!

Imaginary Gift:

General Seifried
A perfect representation of the aggressive image that “Gallows Ball” has – heavy, sustained offensive pressure alongside a retiring effect that puts the opponent at a disadvantage very quickly! Use this in conjunction with units that have powerful effects when they are placed to get maximum efficiency!

Deadheat Bullspike
An interesting unit that can move your Force markers around to buff up each attacker as they attack! Units that have offensive abilities, like gaining additional critical or guard restrict, are perfect to use in tandem with this!

Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova
A highly flexible and powerful vanguard with an incredible potential! Apart from its extremely powerful ability to gain both Force I and II at one go, its second ability lets you execute any game plan you wish!

Pale Moon

The famous circus troupe Pale Moon travels the world to put on marvelous performances, but they’re also a merciless group of assassins! Pale Moon tactics revolve around moving cards in and out of the soul in order to perform an onslaught of attacks that give the impression of a high-flying circus act!

Imaginary Gift:

Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier
Build up your soul with your rear-guards, then pull out all the stops when it’s time for the curtain to fall on your opponent!

Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage
Unlike its other Pale Moon counterparts, this card uses the soul a bit differently! Due to its all-in, game-ending ability, its best used as a complement to another vanguard that can use the soul offensively!

Masked Magician, Harri
Consolidate your Accel circles into a “stage”, and utilize it for a myriad of tricks! Even the smallest of circus performers can become a massive threat when all eyes are on them, but even they are but an opening act to the fearsome Starry Pop Dragon!

Gear Chronicle

An army of interdimensional travelers led by beings that transcend space and time, Gear Chronicle’s purpose and origin are a mystery to all others on Cray. Key Gear Chronicle units are able to transcend time and superior ride a powerful Grade 4 unit from the deck, vastly improving their combat abilities for the turn!

Imaginary Gift:

Chronofang Tiger & Chronotiger Rebellion
Waste no time in bringing the fight to your opponent with this powerful pair of units! Superior ride up to Chronotiger Rebellion and call every unit you can to the field to attack! To make up for the aggressive investment of cards to the field, include cards that can draw you cards after battle, or that grant you additional drive checks!

Chronojet Dragon & Chronodragon Nextage
Superior ride up to Nextage from Chronojet Dragon, and unleash their interdimensional might on your opponent! Due to the self-sufficient nature of this combination, the deck build for this vanguard is extremely open and flexible!

Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery Flare Dragon
A unique unit whose powers require some work to unlock! Once the seal is undone, however, you get to take an additional turn! As Mystery Flare Dragon cannot bind cards on its own, rear-guards that can continuously cycle through the deck and bind cards quickly are a must to include!


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