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Sneak Preview Tournaments are usually held 1 week before the official release date of a new expansion. Participants stand a chance to obtain exclusive sneak preview event goodies such as playmats, deck cases, and promotional cards. The exclusive goodies will vary with each Sneak Preview Tournament.

Find out if there will be a Sneak Preview Tournament near you! Check out our list of shops here.
Cardfight!! Vanguard Title Booster+ 03 SHAMAN KING Sneak Preview
Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack 06: Blazing Dragon Reborn Sneak Preview
Cardfight!! Vanguard Lyrical Booster 03: Lyrical Monasterio ~Summertime Memories!~ Sneak Preview

For retailers and shops that wish to host English Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Tournaments, please use the following contact methods depending on your region:
Within North America: Please email us at
※We can only respond via abovementioned email address for tournament enquiries within North America. Click here for more details on the Bushiroad Tournament Software.
Outside of North America: Please contact your respective distributors. Click here to find a distributor for your region.

To better support our tournament stores, we will be distributing these Tournament Store Boost PR Packs for promotional use with each release. Do check out the link below for more info on this campaign and how to be part of it!
Tournament Store Boost PR Pack Campaign

June 2022 Standard Shop Tournaments

June Standard Exclusive PR card support:
(1 tournament pack which consist of 1 of the following card)
D-PR/078EN Boltshaker Dragon
D-PR/080EN Diablos Crasher, Warren
D-PR/082EN Sylvan Horned Beast, Mafels
D-PR/084EN Aurora Battle Princess, Accuse Makarite
D-PR/086EN Witch of Moon Rabbit, Rubinia
D-PR/088EN Slow Kiss ―♡→, Nonna
*Due to the production delay, the Monthly Shop Tournament Pack shown above will only be available for collection from July onwards.

Standard Format Tournament Listings
(May 23, 2022 – July 24, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

June 2022 V-Premium & Premium Shop Tournaments

V-PR/0225EN June V-Premium & Premium Exclusive PR card support:
(1 of each card)
V-PR/0227EN Battle Siren, Adelaidea
V-PR/0228EN Pure Maiden, Katrina
*Due to the production delay, the Monthly Shop Tournament PR cards shown above will only be available for collection from July onwards.

V-Premium Format Tournament Listings
(May 23, 2022 – June 26, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!
Premium Format Tournament Listings
(May 23, 2022 – June 26, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

August 2022 Standard Shop Tournaments

August Exclusive PR card support:
(1 tournament pack which consist of 1 of the following card)
D-PR/105EN Adhensive Monster, Nelbetron
D-PR/107EN Sacred Crystal Dragon, Precede Arrow Dragon
D-PR/109EN Enjoy Summer Days! Holly
D-PR/111EN Blaze Maiden, Elba
D-PR/113EN Steam Maiden, Lunakia
D-PR/115EN Sylvan Horned Beast, Enpix

Standard Format Tournament Listings
(July 25, 2022 – August 28, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

August 2022 V-Premium & Premium Shop Tournaments

V-PR/0225EN August V-Premium & Premium Exclusive PR card support:
(1 of each card)
V-PR/0243EN Stealth Fiend, Keugege
V-PR/0244EN Metalborg, Lionetter

V-Premium Format Tournament Listings
(July 25, 2022 – August 28, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!
Premium Format Tournament Listings
(July 25, 2022 – August 28, 2022)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

Notice of BTAS Server Maintenance and URL Change

* This notice is applicable to shops / tournament organisers who are using BTAS for tournament applications.

This notice is to inform you of a scheduled maintenance window for the Bushiroad Tournament Application System (BTAS) on Wednesday, October 12, from 11:30am (JST) onwards. The maintenance is expected to last for a few hours and complete around 6:00pm. This maintenance will switch the current BTAS system to a new server for better security and performance.

This will result in a change in the URL used to login to the BTAS:

Current URL:
New URL:    (Europe)    (Asia-Oceania)

The new URL will be effective immediately after the server maintenance.

You may continue to use the same login ID and password with the new URL. However, due to the change in URL, the login ID and password remembered by your browser may not be displayed. Should you misplace your ID or password, please kindly contact us at

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Promotional Cards for Recent and Upcoming Shop Tournaments

May 2022 Standard/V-Premium/PremiumD-PR/077EN Thrustorrent Dragon
V-PR/0223EN Serrated Saw Angel
V-PR/0224EN Evil Stealth Dragon, GyokusenApril 2022 Standard/V-Premium/PremiumD-PR/065EN Asepsis Angel
V-PR/0225EN Extreme Battler, Sazanda
V-PR/0226EN Magia Doll, Cutie ParatrooperMarch2022 Standard/V-Premium/PremiumD-PR/064EN Invasion Monster, Azuzuradon
V-PR/0221EN Steam Performer, Kulm
V-PR/0222EN Cheer Girl, FionaFeb 2021 Standard/PremiumV-PR/0174EN Dragon Dancer, Barca
V-PR/0175EN Fierce Fighting Knight, Chlorus

February 2022 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/049EN Steam Knight, Amar Sin
V-PR/0206EN Reverent White Sorcerer, Veratrum
V-PR/0207EN Dragon Knight, Sharal
January2022 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/048EN Dragritter, Faisal
V-PR/0204EN Wriggling Deletor, Egbas
V-PR/0205EN Megarock Gigant
December 2021 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/043EN Bovine Blast Dragon
V-PR/0202EN Stealth Dragon, Juonchanter
V-PR/0203EN Brandish Francies
November 2021 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/027 Dragritter, Antal
V-PR/0200EN Rapid-firing Dragon, Guidrapid
V-PR/0201EN Chaste Achord, Manon
October 2021 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/026 Knight of Tridant, Gerald
V-PR/0198EN Volantruber Dragon
V-PR/0199EN Swordbrand Gladiator
September 2021 Standard/V-Premium/Premium D-PR/025 Execution Dragon, Vorpal Scythe Dragon
V-PR/0195EN Knight of Treasured Bow, Vitrinus
V-PR/0196EN Veteran Janitor, Siga
August 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0193EN Violence Brave Shooter
V-PR/0194EN Vulgar Mutant, Stamping Red
July 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0190EN UNSTOPPABLE
V-PR/0191EN Knight of Chivalry, Rabol
V-PR/0192EN Toxic Monster, Gelsludge
June 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0188EN Stealth Beast, Shishi Resson
V-PR/0189EN Steam Scalar, Kurunta
May 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0186EN Triple Dark Armor
V-PR/0187EN Werewolf Ketzer
Apr 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0184EN Huscissors Angel
V-PR/0185EN Illuminating Dragon, Parasalamp
March 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0176EN Scarlet Vivid, Quale
V-PR/0177EN Seablue Witch, NiNi
Jan 2021 Standard/Premium V-PR/0171EN White Brush Witch, Artic
V-PR/0172EN Stealth Beast, Tobiitachi
Dec 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0168EN Perennial Knight, Rimmon
V-PR/0169EN Area Stiller
Nov 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0166EN Silver Thorn Juggler, Mu
V-PR/0167EN Bhoja of the First Harpoon
Oct 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0164EN Last Crust, Meranel
V-PR/0165EN Dragon Dancer, Frema
Sep 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0146EN Wedgemove Dragon (Winner PR)
Aug 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0145EN Prometheus of Dancing Lights (Winner PR)
Jul 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0144EN Rising Phoenix (Winner PR)
Jul/Aug/Sep 2020 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0137EN Druggist Angel
V-PR/0138EN Calvary-feather Dragon
V-PR/0139EN Bountiful-growth Sorcerer, Maqin
V-PR/0140EN Bolt Slug Dragon
V-PR/0141EN Steam Engineer, Ibate
V-PR/0142EN Smart Shot Dragon
V-PR/0143EN Whipping Sailor
Mar 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0147EN Quick Shield (Winner PR)
Feb 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0126EN Masterly Cover, Minne (Winner PR)
Jan 2020 Standard/Premium V-PR/0125EN Barcode Zebra (Winner PR)
Dec 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0124EN Strong Bow of the Starry Night, Ulixes (Winner PR)
Dec 2019/Jan/Feb 2020 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0116EN Huddlgal
V-PR/0117EN Existence Angel
V-PR/0118EN Rebirth Sorcerer, Spilia
V-PR/0119EN Stealth Dragon, Mugen Oboro
V-PR/0120EN Fullturbo Engineer
V-PR/0121EN Beaker Holstein
V-PR/0122EN Typing Kiwi
V-PR/0123EN Crocus Knight
Nov 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0086EN Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth (Winner PR)
Oct 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0085EN Cursed Lancer (Winner PR)
Sep 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0084EN Demolition Dragon (Winner PR)
Sep/Oct/Nov 2019 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0076EN Cloud Lancer, Gmoris
V-PR/0077EN Battle Sister, Semla
V-PR/0078EN Fallen Dive Eagle
V-PR/0079EN Stealth Dragon, Antenbrand
V-PR/0080EN Stealth Dragon, Wrigglebiter
V-PR/0081EN Barbari Bilel
V-PR/0082EN Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia
V-PR/0083EN Softest Perform, Marianela
Aug 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0072EN Tear Knight, Theo (Winner PR)
Jul 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0071EN Knight Squire, Allen (Winner PR)
Jun 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0070EN Embodiment of Armor, Bahr (Winner PR)
Jun/Jul/Aug 2019 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0062EN Dual Axe Archdragon
V-PR/0063EN Bursting Lance Dragon
V-PR/0064EN Outer Princess Jacey
V-PR/0065EN Sludge Monster, Drohedd
V-PR/0066EN Crunching Deletor, Baruol
V-PR/0067EN Ben the Ghostie
V-PR/0068EN Tear Knight, Halpalos
V-PR/0069EN Spear Ray Sailor
May 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0058EN Blaster Javelin (Winner PR)
Apr 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0057EN Ill-fate Deletor, Drown (Winner PR)
Mar 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0056EN Ripis Magus (Winner PR)
Mar/Apr/May 2019 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0048EN Knight of Dual Spears, Corineus
V-PR/0049EN Weather Girl Soda
V-PR/0050EN Prygal
V-PR/0051EN Stealth Dragon, Togajuji
V-PR/0052EN Scarlet Shutter Dragon
V-PR/0053EN Dreadcharge Dragon
V-PR/0054EN Knight of Entropy
V-PR/0055EN Singularity Sniper
Feb 2019 Standard/Premium V-PR/0046EN Wedgemove Dragon (Winner PR)
Nov/Dec 2018/Jan 2019 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0016EN Holy Disaster Dragon
V-PR/0023EN Queen of Heart
V-PR/0031EN Darkside Pegasus
V-PR/0032EN Fear Sword Dragon
V-PR/0033EN Stealth Fiend, Gashadokuro
V-PR/0034EN Stealth Beast, Leaf Raccoon
V-PR/0035EN Blue Dust
V-PR/0036EN Nightmare Baby
V-PR/0037EN Peek-a-boo
V-PR/0038EN Dreaming King of Comedy
V-PR/0040EN Midnight Bunny (Nov Winner PR)
V-PR/0041EN Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Kaivant (Dec Winner PR)
V-PR/0042EN Listener of Truth, Dindrane (Jan Winner PR)
Oct 2018 G Format PR/0454EN Darkside Princess
PR/0455EN Nightmare Doll, Catherine (Winner PR)
Sep 2018 G Format PR/0451EN Fertility Eradicator, Youki
PR/0452EN Hopping Balloon
PR/0453EN Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” (Winner PR)
Aug/Sep/Oct 2018 Standard/Premium (Participant PR Pack) V-PR/0016EN Holy Disaster Dragon
V-PR/0017EN Eagle Knight of the Skies
V-PR/0018EN Chain-attack Sutherland
V-PR/0019EN Follower, Reas
V-PR/0020EN Battle Sister, Torte
V-PR/0021EN Goddess of Forbearance, Ohmiyanome
V-PR/0022EN King of Sword
V-PR/0023EN Queen of Heart
V-PR/0024EN Light Signals Penguin Soldier (Aug Winner PR)
V-PR/0025EN Blaster Rapier (Sep Winner PR)
V-PR/0028EN Stealth Beast, Million Rat (Oct Winner PR)
Aug 2018 G Format PR/0448EN Battle Sister, Polvoron
PR/0449EN Dewey the Ghostie
PR/0450EN Blue Wave Armor General, Galfilia (Winner PR)
Jul 2018 Standard/Premium V-PR/0014EN Winged Dragon, Beamptero
V-PR/0015EN Oracle Guardian, Gemini (Winner PR)
Jul 2018 G Format PR/0446EN Battle Sister, Baumkuchen
PR/0447EN Sun of Eternity, Amaterasu (Winner PR)
Jun 2018 Standard/Premium V-PR/0002EN Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka
V-PR/0003EN Lizard Soldier, Raopia (Winner PR)
Jun 2018 G Format PR/0438EN Lava Flow Dragon
PR/0439EN Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin (Winner PR)
May 2018 PR/0436EN Favored Pupil of Light and Dark, Liew
PR/0437EN Air Element, Sebreeze (Winner PR)
Apr 2018 PR/0435EN Magical Yell, Nina
Mar 2018 PR/0410EN Commander Laurel
Feb 2018 PR/0409EN Tapering Beaver
Jan 2018 PR/0408EN Blue Storm Battle Princess, Koralia
Dec 2017 PR/0385EN Battle Sister, Mont Blanc
Nov 2017 PR/0384EN Gang Assault Dragon
Oct 2017 PR/0383EN Stealth Beast, Higanguma
Sep 2017 PR/0376EN Slapstick Worker
Aug 2017 PR/0375EN Sage of Plans, Mail
Jul 2017 PR/0374EN Admired Sparkle, Spica
Jun 2017 PR/0341EN Knight of Spring Sun, Conanus
May 2017 PR/0340EN Collision Dragon, Charging Pachycephalo
Apr 2017 PR/0339EN Extreme Battler, Sever-temper
Mar 2017 PR/0275EN Catharsis Vivid
Feb 2017 PR/0274EN Battle Siren, Pantea
Jan 2017 PR/0273EN Knight of Red Flash, Ferdlad
Dec 2016 PR/0269EN Thunder Elemental, Gororo
Nov 2016 PR/0268EN Furyminute Dragon
Oct 2016 PR/0267EN Lady Attacker of Vacuum Collapse
Sep 2016 PR/0258EN Knight of Morning Sun, Edadus
Aug 2016 PR/0257EN Chocolatier, Ronne
Jul 2016 PR/0256EN Dragon Dancer, Karin
Jun 2016 PR/0245EN Battle Sister, Pannacotta
May 2016 PR/0244EN Maiden of Sweet Berry
Apr 2016 PR/0243EN Devildom Chemist
Mar 2016 PR/0238EN Star-vader, Mulepton
Feb 2016 PR/0237EN Eradicator, Unruly Dragon
Jan 2016 PR/0236EN Blue Storm Battle Princess, Koralla
Dec 2015 PR/0227EN Light Elemental, Sunny


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