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Sneak Preview Tournaments

Sneak Preview Tournaments are usually held 1 week before the release date of an expansion. Participants can stand a chance to obtain exclusive sneak preview event items such as playmats, deck cases and promotional cards. The exclusive items differ from each Sneak Preview Event.

More information about Sneak Preview Tournaments can be found here.

Find the Recommended Booster Draft Rule here.

Shop Tournaments

All retailers and shops that wish to host English Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Tournament: From USA: Please mail your enquiries to . Outside of USA: Please contact your respective distributors. ※ We can only respond to the above email account regarding to Tournament Enquiries in USA. Click here for more details on Bushiroad Tournament Software.

February 2018 Shop Tournaments

PR/0409EN PR/0409EN February Exclusive PR card support:
PR/0409EN Tapering Beaver
*A hot-stamped version will be awarded to winners!
Tournament Listings
(Jan 29, 2018 – Feb 25, 2018)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

March 2018 Shop Tournaments

PR/0410EN PR/0410EN March Exclusive PR card support:
PR/0410EN Commander Laurel
*A hot-stamped version will be awarded to winners!
Tournament Listings
(Feb 26, 2018 – Apr 01, 2018)
* Tournament list for other regions will be updated soon. Check back later!

Notice of BTAS Server Maintenance and URL Change

* This notice is applicable to shops / tournament organisers who are using BTAS for tournament applications.

This notice is to inform you of a scheduled maintenance window for the Bushiroad Tournament Application System (BTAS) on Wednesday, October 12, from 11:30am (JST) onwards. The maintenance is expected to last for a few hours and complete around 6:00pm. This maintenance will switch the current BTAS system to a new server for better security and performance.

This will result in a change in the URL used to login to the BTAS:

Current URL: (North America) (Europe) (Asia-Oceania)
New URL:    (North America)    (Europe)    (Asia-Oceania)

The new URL will be effective immediately after the server maintenance.

You may continue to use the same login ID and password with the new URL. However, due to the change in URL, the login ID and password remembered by your browser may not be displayed. Should you misplace your ID or password, please kindly contact us at

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Promotional Cards for Recent and Upcoming Shop Tournaments

Mar 2018 PR/0410EN Commander Laurel
Feb 2018 PR/0409EN Tapering Beaver
Jan 2018 PR/0408EN Blue Storm Battle Princess, Koralia
Dec 2017 PR/0385EN Battle Sister, Mont Blanc
Nov 2017 PR/0384EN Gang Assault Dragon
Oct 2017 PR/0383EN Stealth Beast, Higanguma
Sep 2017 PR/0376EN Slapstick Worker
Aug 2017 PR/0375EN Sage of Plans, Mail
Jul 2017 PR/0374EN Admired Sparkle, Spica
Jun 2017 PR/0341EN Knight of Spring Sun, Conanus
May 2017 PR/0340EN Collision Dragon, Charging Pachycephalo
Apr 2017 PR/0339EN Extreme Battler, Sever-temper
Mar 2017 PR/0275EN Catharsis Vivid
Feb 2017 PR/0274EN Battle Siren, Pantea
Jan 2017 PR/0273EN Knight of Red Flash, Ferdlad
Dec 2016 PR/0269EN Thunder Elemental, Gororo
Nov 2016 PR/0268EN Furyminute Dragon
Oct 2016 PR/0267EN Lady Attacker of Vacuum Collapse
Sep 2016 PR/0258EN Knight of Morning Sun, Edadus
Aug 2016 PR/0257EN Chocolatier, Ronne
Jul 2016 PR/0256EN Dragon Dancer, Karin
Jun 2016 PR/0245EN Battle Sister, Pannacotta
May 2016 PR/0244EN Maiden of Sweet Berry
Apr 2016 PR/0243EN Devildom Chemist
Mar 2016 PR/0238EN Star-vader, Mulepton
Feb 2016 PR/0237EN Eradicator, Unruly Dragon
Jan 2016 PR/0236EN Blue Storm Battle Princess, Koralla
Dec 2015 PR/0227EN Light Elemental, Sunny


[Germany] DoKomi

Dates June 3-4, 2017
Booth Number C03 Hall 15
Address Stockumer Kirchstr. 61, 40474 Düsseldorf

[UK] UK Games Expo 2017

Dates June 2-4, 2017
Booth Number A10
Venue The NEC
Address North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

[Peru] BushiFest Peru

Dates December 17-18, 2016
Main Tournament Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament Weiss Schwarz Tournament Luck & Logic Tournament
Side Event Two-Pack Tournament Dice Wars – Special Rule Chanllenge Side Tournaments Ascendant of Aetheros Demo Session
Venue Light & Limit Card Games
Address Av. Ignacio Merino 1926-A Oficina 401. Lince. Lima, Peru