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Shop Tournaments

Sneak Preview Tournaments

Sneak Preview Tournaments are usually held 1 week before the official release date of a new expansion. Participants stand a chance to obtain exclusive sneak preview event goodies such as playmats, deck cases, and promotional cards. The exclusive goodies will vary with each Sneak Preview Tournament.

Find out if there will be a Sneak Preview Tournament near you! Check out our list of shops here.

※Stores may sell any leftover packs from Sneak Preview Kits on the official release date of the product. Any leftover PR items cannot be sold, and should be used for promotional purposes.

For retailers and shops that wish to host English Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Tournaments, please use the following contact methods depending on your region:
Within North America: Please email us at
※We can only respond via abovementioned email address for tournament enquiries within North America.
Outside of North America: Please contact your respective distributors. Click here to find a distributor for your region.

Tournament Store Boost PR Pack Campaign

To better support our tournament stores, we will be distributing these Tournament Store Boost PR Packs for promotional use with each release. Do check out the link below for more info on this campaign and how to be part of it!
Tournament Store Boost PR Pack Campaign

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