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For Q&A applicable to VANGUARD overDress and onwards, please click here.

Comprehensive Rules & Floor Rules

[Updated September 15, 2023]
These comprehensive rules are specifically targeted towards organizers, judges and advanced players for reference.
[Updated July 8, 2022]
Floor rules ensure the fairness and completeness of our tournaments. Every participant is required to abide by the floor rules so that tournaments are run fairly and smoothly for all players to enjoy themselves. Any individual who interferes with the fairness or completeness of our tournaments would be penalized according to the penalty guidelines written in these rules. Bushiroad reserves all right to take further action if deemed necessary.

Booster Draft and Sealed Recommended Rules

[Updated May 12, 2021]
The recommended rules for Booster Draft and Sealed format has been added. Sneak Preview tournaments may also be run in this format, but recommended for Sneak Preview tournaments from D-BT01 and onward.
※The rules for drafting sets before D-BT01 can be found here.

Relay Fight

[Updated: February 19, 2016]
Relay Fight is the new way of playing Cardfight!! Vanguard, which was introduced in Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis Episode 18 “TRY3 versus Asteroid“.

Click here for the recommended How-to-play Guide for Relay Fight.

Check out this Cardfighter’s Column for additional Q&As on Relay Fight.


[Updated: February 7th, 2018]
This section contains information about penalties given to tournament participants who do not abide by the tournament floor rules.

Click here for more details.

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