Media Kit – Banners

Product Banners

Dimension Ads:
– 300 x 250px
– 468 x 6px
– 728 x 90px
Square: 1200 x 1200px (G-CB03 onwards)
Facebook Cover: 1600 x 589px
Order Sheet: 1800 x 1200px
Website Moving Banner:
– 1600 x 737px
– 1920 x 450px (G-CB03 onwards)
Full HD: 1920 x 1080px (G-CB03 onwards)
Format JPG (zipped)
Copyright Copyrights are already included in the web banners. No additional copyrights are required as long as the copyrights on the banners are recognisable.
Guideline You may not alter the proportions, font, outline, color or style for any reason.


G-BT09 & G-BT09 SP


G-CB04 & G-CB04 SP / G-TD09

G-BT08 & G-BT08 SP

G-TCB02 & G-TCB02 SP

G-CB03, G-CB03 SP, G-CB07-SS

G-BT07 & G-BT07 SP




* Web banners for earlier releases will be available on a later day.

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