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[BT02]Onslaught of Dragon Souls

Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos
Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos

Normal Unit
Dragon Empire
Grade 3
Power 10000
Critical 1
Shield -
Twin Drive!!
[ACT]Hand:[Choose two of your <Tachikaze> rear-guards, and retire them] If you have a grade 2 vanguard, you may reveal this card. If you do, ride this card.
Chaos tears all to pieces, Chaotic Twin Bite!

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03-10-2012 [BT02]Onslaught of Dragon Souls Card List

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  • Q99(06-11-2012)
    I have a grade 2 unit which is not 《Tachikaze》 as a vanguard, and I activate the ability of "Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos". At this time, I retire "Winged Dragon, Skyptero" and "Dragon Egg". When these 2 units are placed in the drop zone from the rear-guard circles, Can I activate their abilities?
    Yes, you can. Their abilities state that they can be activated when placed from the rear-guard circle to the drop zone, but the ability for "Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos" is still in mid-resolution, so their resolution will take place in the next timing. After resolving the ability for "Chaos Dragon, Dinochaos", their resolution is up next, and the condition: 「If you have a 《Tachikaze》 vanguard,」is fulfilled, so just pay the cost and you can resolve the rest of their effects.

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