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[BT08]Blue Storm Armada

Fruits Basket Elf
Fruits Basket Elf

Normal Unit
Neo Nectar
Grade 1
Power 6000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO](RC):[Counter-Blast 1] When this unit boosts ([Boost]) a <Neo Nectar> that is attacking a vanguard, if you have a <Neo Nectar> vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, until end of that battle, your opponent cannot normal call units to (GC), and the boosted ([Boost]) unit does not deal damage even if its attack hits.
The forest will take care of its inhabitants.

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05-03-2013 [BT08]Blue Storm Armada Card List

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  • Q283(06-10-2013)
    Using this unit's ability, if the attacking unit's power is higher than the opponent's vanguard, is that considered a hit during battle?
    Yes, the attack will hit. As such, no damage will be dealt in this case, but AUTO abilities with "When this unit's attack hits" will activate.

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