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Booster pack - Brilliant Strike

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Card Image
Card Name Angelic Wiseman
Expansion Brilliant Strike
Card No. BT14/066EN Unit Normal Unit
Grade 3 Nation
Clan Genesis Race Angel
Rarity C Trigger -
Power 10000 Shield -
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO](VC/RC):[Soul-Blast 3] When this unit attacks, if you have a <Genesis> vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power] +4000 until end of that battle.
Flavor Text Well well, it seems like I couldn't continue reading peacefully afterall.
Illustrator えびら
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
BT14/061EN Normal Unit Flying Sword Liberator, Gorlois 1
BT14/062EN Normal Unit Knife Throwing Knight, Maleagant 1
BT14/063EN Normal Unit Scarlet Lion Cub, Caria 0
BT14/064EN Trigger Unit Liberator, Ground Crack 0
BT14/065EN Trigger Unit Naapgal Liberator 0
BT14/066EN Normal Unit Angelic Wiseman 3
BT14/067EN Normal Unit Myth Guard, Fomalhaut 3
BT14/068EN Normal Unit Witch of Grapes, Grappa 2
BT14/069EN Normal Unit Myth Guard, Denebola 2
BT14/070EN Normal Unit Battle Maiden, Kayanarumi 2


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