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[VGE-D-BT09] Booster Pack 09: Dragontree Invasion

Seal-break Dragon
Seal-break Dragon

Normal Unit
Dragon Empire
Wind Dragon
Grade 1
Power 8000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[ACT](RC):If your (VC) has an Arms, [COST][put this unit into soul], choose a "Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih" or "Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra" from your (VC), and the cost of all original [AUTO] abilities of that card is reduced by [Counter-Blast 1] until end of turn.
Break the seal, and unleash the blaze vessel.

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03-31-2023 [VGE-D-BT09] Booster Pack 09: Dragontree Invasion Card List Product Page

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