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Extra pack / Extra booster - Dazzling Divas

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Card Image
Card Name PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic
Expansion Dazzling Divas
Card No. EB06/005EN Unit Normal Unit
Grade 2 Nation
Clan Bermuda Triangle Race Mermaid
Rarity RR Trigger
Power 9000 Shield 5000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO]:[Soul-Blast 1] When this unit is returned to your hand from (RC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose another of your <Bermuda Triangle>, and that unit gets [Power] +4000 until end of turn.
Flavor Text PR♥ISM-Promise gives their audience energy, and that's not an empty promise.
Illustrator ワダアルコ
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
EB06/001EN Normal Unit Eternal Idol, Pacifica 3
EB06/002EN Normal Unit PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador 3
EB06/003EN Normal Unit PR♥ISM-Image, Vert 3
EB06/004EN Normal Unit Aurora Star, Coral 3
EB06/005EN Normal Unit PR♥ISM-Promise, Celtic 2
EB06/006EN Normal Unit PR♥ISM-Image, Clear 1
EB06/007EN Normal Unit Mermaid Idol, Elly 1
EB06/008EN Normal Unit Shining Singer, Ionia 3
EB06/009EN Normal Unit PR♥ISM-Smile, Ligurian 2
EB06/010EN Normal Unit Shiny Star, Coral 2


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