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Booster pack - [G-BT04] Soul Strike Against The Supreme

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Card Name Fetter of Leather, Leyding
Expansion [G-BT04] Soul Strike Against The Supreme
Card No. G-BT04/077EN Unit Normal Unit
Grade 0 Nation
Clan Genesis Race Noble
Rarity C Trigger -
Power 5000 Shield 10000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))
[ACT](RC)[Generation Break 1](This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Put this unit into your soul] Choose one of your vanguards, until end of turn, it gets "[AUTO](VC)[1/turn]:When your card not named "Fetter of Leather, Leyding" is put into the drop zone from your soul, call that card to (RC).".
Flavor Text The kind-hearted first shackle, that binds the beautiful beast.
Illustrator かわすみ
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
G-BT04/071EN Normal Unit Flying Lapwing 2
G-BT04/072EN Normal Unit Fetter of Fiber, Dromi 1
G-BT04/073EN Normal Unit Regalia of Reflection, Mirror Angel 1
G-BT04/074EN Normal Unit Mythic Beast, Hati 1
G-BT04/075EN Normal Unit Witch of Melons, Thyme 1
G-BT04/076EN Normal Unit Claimer Harry 1
G-BT04/077EN Normal Unit Fetter of Leather, Leyding 0
G-BT04/078EN Trigger Unit Bumping Buffalo 0
G-BT04/079EN Trigger Unit Witch of Cherries, Poppy 0
G-BT04/080EN Trigger Unit Goddess of Youth, Hebe 0


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