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Booster pack - [G-BT05] Moonlit Dragonfang

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Card Image
Card Name Blink Messiah
Expansion [G-BT05] Moonlit Dragonfang
Card No. G-BT05/018EN Unit Trigger Unit
Grade 0 Nation
Clan Link Joker Race Messiah
Rarity RR Trigger +5000
Power 4000 Shield 10000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO](RC):[Put this unit into your soul] When your vanguard attacks, if you have a grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Messiah" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card, choose up to one of your vanguards, and it gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle.
Flavor Text Blink away, the world!
Illustrator 百瀬寿
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
G-BT05/011EN Normal Unit Imperial Shrine Guard, Akagi 2
G-BT05/012EN Trigger Unit Divine Sword, Kusanagi 0
G-BT05/013EN Normal Unit Eradicator, Angercharge Dragon 3
G-BT05/014EN Normal Unit Rockclimb Dragoon 2
G-BT05/015EN Trigger Unit Lightning of Triumphant Return, Reseph 0
G-BT05/016EN Normal Unit Arrester Messiah 2
G-BT05/017EN Normal Unit Lady Battler of the White Dwarf 1
G-BT05/018EN Trigger Unit Blink Messiah 0
G-BT05/019EN Normal Unit Darkside Princess 2
G-BT05/020EN Normal Unit Darkside Mirror Master 1


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