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Booster pack - [G-BT05] Moonlit Dragonfang

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Card Image
Card Name Tankman Mode Interrupt
Expansion [G-BT05] Moonlit Dragonfang
Card No. G-BT05/049EN Unit Normal Unit
Grade 2 Nation
Clan Oracle Think Tank Race Battleroid
Rarity C Trigger -
Power 7000 Shield 5000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO]:[Counter-Blast 1] When this unit is placed on (RC), you may pay the cost. If you do, draw two cards. Choose a card with the oracle ability from your hand, and you may discard it. If you do not, choose two cards from your hand, and discard them.
Flavor Text Too bad! You cannot pass!
Illustrator パトリシア
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
G-BT05/041EN Normal Unit Steam Battler, Kug-Bau 3
G-BT05/042EN Normal Unit Twice-talented Gear Hound 2
G-BT05/043EN Normal Unit Cornerstone Gear Turtle 1
G-BT05/044EN Normal Unit Earth Elemental, Dogetts 2
G-BT05/045EN Normal Unit Flip Croony 3
G-BT05/046EN Normal Unit Ring Magus 3
G-BT05/047EN Normal Unit Shrewd Concierge 2
G-BT05/048EN Normal Unit Rhombus Magus 2
G-BT05/049EN Normal Unit Tankman Mode Interrupt 2
G-BT05/050EN Normal Unit Octagon Magus 1


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