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[G-BT06] Transcension of Blade & Blossom

Air Elemental, Twitterun
Air Elemental, Twitterun

Normal Unit
Cray Elemental
Grade 1
Power 7000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[ACT](RC):[[Rest] this unit] If you have a grade 3 vanguard, and there are no face up cards in your G zone, and no unit was placed on your opponent's (VC) during the ride phase of your opponent's preceding turn, draw a card, and put this unit into your G zone face up.
[CONT][G zone]:This card is regarded as a G unit.
[AUTO]G zone:When a grade 3 or greater unit is placed on your opponent's (VC), put this card into your drop zone from face up.
[CONT]:This card is from all clans and nations.
If the wind blows, it'd be profitable somehow.

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03-25-2016 [G-BT06] Transcension of Blade & Blossom Card List

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