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[G-BT11] Demonic Advent

Multitask Angel
Multitask Angel

Normal Unit
United Sanctuary
Grade 2
Power 8000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
[AUTO]:Revelation-(RC)(When this unit is placed on the specified circle, look at the top card of your deck, and you may put that card into your soul. If you do, [Rest] one of your [Stand] rear-guards)
[AUTO](RC)[Generation Break 1]:[Counter-Blast 1] When this unit is [Rest] due to the effect of your other card, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit, and it gets "Boost ([Boost])" until end of turn.
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士基 軽太

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09-01-2017 [G-BT11] Demonic Advent Card List

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