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[G-BT11] Demonic Advent

Stealth Dragon, Shiranui
Stealth Dragon, Shiranui

Normal Unit
Abyss Dragon
Dragon Empire
Grade 3
Power 11000
Critical 1
Shield 0
Twin Drive!!
[AUTO](VC):[Counter-Blast 1] When your G unit [Stride] during your turn, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to one of your opponent's rear-guards, bind it face up, your opponent chooses a card from his or her hand, and discards it. At the end of that turn, your opponent puts the card that was bound with this effect into his or her hand.
[AUTO](VC)[Generation Break 2]:When this unit attacks, if the number of cards in your hand is less than your opponent's, this unit gets [Power] +5000/[Critical] +1 until end of that battle.
It is said that there is still power hidden within the eyes of taboo.
DESIGN: 近藤途轍 ILLUST: 前河悠一

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09-01-2017 [G-BT11] Demonic Advent Card List

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