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[G-BT12] Dragon King’s Awakening

Dragonic Vanquisher
Dragonic Vanquisher

Normal Unit
Thunder Dragon
Dragon Empire
Grade 3
Power 11000
Critical 1
Shield 0
Twin Drive!!
[AUTO](VC):[Counter-Blast 1] When your G unit [Stride] during your turn, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards in the front row, retire it, and bind it face up.
[AUTO](VC)[Generation Break 2]:When your opponent's rear-guard is retired due to the effect of your card, this unit gets [Power] +3000/[Critical] +1 until end of turn.
If you stand in my way like a wall, I'll just slay you!

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10-13-2017 [G-BT12] Dragon King’s Awakening Card List

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