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[G-CB07] Divas' Festa

Spirited Star, Trois
Spirited Star, Trois

Normal Unit
Bermuda Triangle
Grade 3
Power 11000
Critical 1
Shield -
Twin Drive!!
[ACT](Hand):[Counter-Blast 1 & Call this card to (RC) & Choose a card from your hand, and return it to your deck] If your vanguard is grade 2 or greater, search your deck for up to one "Top Idol, Riviere", ride it on your (VC) as [Stand], if you rode from a grade 3 unit, choose up to one face down card with "Riviere" in its card name from your G zone, and [Stride] it on your (VC). Shuffle your deck.
[AUTO](RC):[Soul-Blast 1] When your grade 4 vanguard with "Riviere" in its card name attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit.

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