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Card Name Battle Sister, Polvoron
Expansion PR cards
Card No. PR/0448EN Unit Trigger Unit
Grade 0 Nation
Clan Oracle Think Tank Race Elf
Rarity PR Trigger +10000
Power 4000 Shield 10000
Critical 1 Skill Icon
Text [AUTO]:When this card is discarded from hand for the cost of calling a [G Guardian], COST@[bind this card face up & choose another card with "[Heal] Heal" from your drop zone, and bind it face up], and [Counter-Charge 1] or [Soul-Charge 1].
Flavor Text Pray for my precious allies.
Illustrator 三登いつき
Card No. Unit Card Name Grade
PR/0446EN Normal Unit Battle Sister, Baumkuchen 1
PR/0447EN G Unit Sun of Eternity, Amaterasu 4
PR/0448EN Trigger Unit Battle Sister, Polvoron 0
PR/0449EN Trigger Unit Dewey the Ghostie 0
PR/0450EN G Unit Blue Wave Armor General, Galfilia 4
PR/0451EN Trigger Unit Fertility Eradicator, Youki 0
PR/0452EN Trigger Unit Hopping Balloon 0
PR/0453EN G Unit Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo" 4
PR/0454EN Normal Unit Darkside Princess 2
PR/0455EN Normal Unit Nightmare Doll, Catherine 3


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