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[TD06]Resonance of Thunder Dragon

Yellow Gem Carbuncle
Yellow Gem Carbuncle

Trigger Unit
High Beast
Dragon Empire
Grade 0
Power 5000
Critical 1
Shield 10000
Critical Trigger +5000
A golden ray will shoot through the enemy.

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05-12-2012 [TD06]Resonance of Thunder Dragon Card List

[Yellow Gem Carbuncle] is used in the follow Deck Recipes

World Championship 2012 Seattle Qualifiers - Champion, Poj Tony Sirisakdiwan - FLEYZ 4305
World Championship 2012 Mexico Qualifiers - Champion, Alam Baruch - NaruKami
World Championship 2012 Australia Qualifiers - Champion, Lam Nguyen - Crimson Vermillion
World Championship 2012 Osaka Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Hara Kouichi - Narukami TD
World Championship 2012 Asia-Oceania Finals - 3rd Runner Up, Frenky (Singapore) - Narukami's Deck
World Championship 2012 North America Finals - 2nd Runner Up, Gabriel Espinosa (Mexico) - Aira
World Championship 2012 Finals - 3rd Runner Up, Christopher Sok - Shark
Team League 2013 North American Continental Championship - Champion Team - Team Tapped Out, Bryan Fradin
Team League 2013 European Continental Championship - Champion Team - Team Blitz, Gavin Walker - Blitzing Bolt
World Championship 2013 Toronto Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Kevin Perron - M.I.A.
World Championship 2013 Atlanta Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Daniel Sirois - Terrible Thunder Lizards
World Championship 2013 Belgium Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Soudant Dominique - Hiei No Narukami
Team League 2013 Asia-Oceanian Continental Championship - 1st Runner-Up Team - Team VRG, Lam Nguyen - Crimson Vermillion
World Championship 2013 Indonesia Qualifiers - Champion, Gurkhan Ramadan - Amandarry
World Championship 2013 Indonesia Qualifiers - 1st Runner Up, Vincent Chahyana - Oppa The Blood Style
Bushiroad Spring Fest Team League 2015 (North America Continental) - 2nd Runner-Up Team - Player 2: Hank Hwang

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