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[VGE-V-SS03] Special Series 03 “Festival Collection″

Dimensional Robo, Goyusha
Dimensional Robo, Goyusha

Normal Unit
Dimension Police
Star Gate
Grade 0
Power 6000
Critical 1
Shield 10000
[AUTO]:When rode upon, draw a card. Then, if your opponent's vanguard is grade 1 or greater, put a Quick Shield ticket into your hand.
Taking on the wishes of the weak, a warrior of hope arises!
イラスト 明貴美加 /着色 鷲尾奈津子(スタジオ・ガジェットスミス)

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08-07-2020 [VGE-V-SS03] Special Series 03 “Festival Collection″ Card List Product Page

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