Card List

[EB12]Waltz of the Goddess

  • All
  • Genesis
  • Cosmic Regalia, CEO Yggdrasil
  • White Snake Witch, Mint
  • Regalia of Wisdom and Courage, Brynhildr
  • Witch of Eagles, Fennel
  • Midnight Regalia, Nyx
  • Midday Regalia, Hemera
  • Witch of Strawberries, Framboise
  • Cold Blast Regalia, Svalinn
  • Wisdom Keeper, Metis
  • Myth Guard, Procyon
  • Witch of Golden Eagles, Jasmine
  • Regalia of Fate, Norn
  • Black Snake Witch, Chicory
  • Goddess of Trees, Jupiter
  • Regalia of Fertility, Freyja
  • Regalia of Prayers, Pray Angel
  • Regalia of Love, Cypris
  • Regalia of Beauty, Venus
  • Witch of Ravens, Chamomile
  • Myth Guard, Orion
  • Witch of Frogs, Melissa
  • Purification Regalia, Pure Angel
  • Exorcism Regalia, Shiny Angel
  • Goddess of Union, Yuno
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