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The History Record of Countless Memories


Kheios and Mikani, two Glitters join forces in this Dark States Deck! By gathering various cards in your soul, you can power up your allies!

Nation: Dark States

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Approaching Fangs, Kheios

Approaching Fangs, Kheios
By Counter-Blasting 1 and discarding a card from hand, look at the top three cards of your deck, put one card into your hand, call a unit card, and put the rest into your soul! When this unit attacks a vanguard, if your soul has eight or more different cards, one of your rear-guards get Power +10000! If your soul has thirteen or more, all of your rear-guards get Power+10000 instead! Lock your victory in one go by gathering soul and powering up!

Cool-headed Executioner, Mikani

Cool-headed Executioner, Mikani
When placed, by Counter-Blasting 1 and Soul-Blasting 1, retire one of your opponent's rear-guards with the same grade as the card Soul-Blast for this cost! When your "Kheios" vanguard attacks, if your soul has eight different cards or more, stand this unit, and at the end of turn, put this unit into your soul! Make continuous attacks possible while reducing your opponent's fighting power! With the aid of the second attack, Kheios is able to get a huge boost in Power!

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