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Cry of Despair within the Chaos of Silence


The Keter Sanctuary deck with Phantom Blaster Overlord as it's trump card! Sacrifice your allies to power up your battle tactics and gain continuous attacks! Let's aim for the fastest trigger condition with "Phantom Blaster Dragon" in your soul!

Nation: Keter Sanctuary

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Phantom Blaster Overlord

Phantom Blaster Overlord
If your soul has a "Phantom Blaster Dragon", this unit gets Critical +1! When this unit attacks, by retiring two of your rear-guards, call a "Blaster Dark" from your soul or drop, and if your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, that "Blaster Dark" and this unit gets Power +10000! While it's possible to gain the additional critical by riding from "Phantom Blaster Dragon", you can do the same in just 3 turns by using Skull Witch, Nemain's ability to put "Phantom Blaster Dragon" into your soul!

Skull Witch, Nemain

Skull Witch, Nemain
If you have a "Blaster" vanguard, this unit gets Power +5000! When placed, if your vanguard's clan is only 《Shadow Paladin》, by Counter-Blasting 1 and putting a card into your soul, draw two cards! An extremely useful unit with the ability to increase your hand! You can also use Nemain's ability to put "Phantom Blaster Dragon" from your hand into your soul!

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