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Galactic Hero, Unite Dianos

DBT06 Brandt Gate

Scout for heroes to fight with Set Orders in this Brandt Gate deck! Utilize your Scouted heroes for attack and defense respectively! Aim for three Bases, and get a huge boost in Power and Critical with your vanguard!

Nation: Brandt Gate

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Galactic hero, Unite Dianos

Galactic hero, Unite Dianos
All of your front row "Hero" rear-guards get Power +5000! When this unit attacks, if your Order Zone has a Base, by Counter-Blasting 1, this unit gets Power +15000! If you have three Bases or more, this unit gets a further Critical+1!

Galactic Hero, Direct Foriel

Galactic Hero, Direct Foriel
At the end of the battle that your grade 3 "Hero" vanguard attacked, by Soul-Blasting 1 and resting this unit, if this unit is in your back row center, choose two of your rear-guards in the same column as each other, and swap their positions! Swap the positions of your rear-guards in the front row and back row to deliver consecutive attacks!

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