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Diabolos, "Viamance" Bruce


A Dark States deck that uses Final Rush to bolster your strategic options. Get to Final Rush from your 3rd turn onwards with "Diabolos, "Viamance" Bruce"! Make use of your Diabolos units to grab ahold of victory with the tyrannical beat of Final Rush!

Nation: Dark States

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Diabolos, Viamance Bruce

Diabolos, "Viamance" Bruce
At the beginning of your battle phase, If all of your units are "Diabolos", you can "Final Rush" until the end of your opponent's next turn! And if your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, you get to "Final Burst"!! When this unit attacks, if you are in "Final Burst", you can Counter-Blast 1 to re-stand a column of "Diabolos" rear-guards and they get Power +5000! You are also in "Final Rush" while in "Final Burst"! Make full use of units like "Meagan", whose Power increases whenever they attack, or "Lenard" to break your opponent's board by standing them to launch a powerful chain attack!

Diabolos Knuckler, Jamil

Diabolos Knuckler, Jamil
If you are in "Final Burst", this unit gets Power+10000/Shield+5000! When this unit is placed on your rear-guard circle and your vanguard is "Diabolos, "Viamance" Bruce", by Counter-Blasting 1, you get to Soul-Charge 1 and call a grade 3 or less normal "Diabolos" unit to your open rear-guard circle! "Final Burst" continues its effect into your opponent's turn if your vanguard is ""Viamance" Bruce" - you'll get to welcome them with high Power on this unit! Call Diabolos units from the soul to create your ideal board!

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