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Hexaorb Sorceress, "Aquamarine"


"Hexaorb Sorceress" obtains a new ability and places her trump card in this Keter Sanctuary deck. First, let's utilize our "Witch" rear-guards and manipulate the top cards of our deck! With the persona ride of "Aquamarine", increase the Power of your trigger effects by +10000 and get triple drive! Reveal triggers in your drive check, boost the power of your comrades and grab your victory with consecutive attacks!

Nation: Keter Sanctuary

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Hexaorb Sorceress, Aquamarine

Hexaorb Sorceress, "Aquamarine"
This unit is also regarded as "Hexaorb Sorceress"! If you persona rode this turn, this unit gets drive +1 and the Power increase of your trigger effects gets +10000! When a trigger unit is revealed for the drive check of the battle this unit attacked, by Soul-Blasting 1, choose one of your rear-guards and Stand it! Corner your opponents by maximizing the power of your rear-guards with triggers revealed in drive check!

Effulgent Wizard

Effulgent Wizard
When this unit attacks, if you have a "Sorceress" vanguard, you can look at the top card of your deck, and if your vanguard is Standing, you may put the card you looked at into soul! When your drive check reveals a trigger unit, this unit gets Power +5000! Make use of the top card of your deck and aim to get triggers in your drive check!

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