Deck Recipe

Anarchistic Curiosity

The Eva Deck from Booster Pack 05: Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes has been strengthened significantly!
Advance your research and amplify Obscudeid's ability! Fight your battles by calling the augmented Obscudeid for multiple attacks!

Nation: Brandt Gate

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Poison in Paradise, Eva

Poison in Paradise, Eva
When this unit is placed by riding from "Fountain of Knowledge, Eva", search your deck for up to one Research card, put it into hand, and activate persona ride!

When this unit attacks, by binding a "Fountain of Knowledge, Eva" from soul, search for up to one Obscudeid from your deck or hand or drop, and call it to your rear-guard circle, then that unit and this unit get Power +5000! At the end of that turn, ride the "Fountain of Knowledge, Eva" bound for this cost as Rest.

Become a Glitter that fights as a vanguard with this deck!
With a wide sample range from your deck, hand or drop, call Obscudeid to aim for that target curve of multiple powerful attacks!

The World is a Blue Research Lab

The World is a Blue Research Lab
Play this if your vanguard is Eva!
When this card is put into the order zone, look at the top five cards of your deck, and call up to one card from among them to your rear-guard circle!

When this card is in your Order Zone, by Soul-Blasting 1 & Resting three research cards in your order zone, one of your Glitter units gets Power +5000!
Augment the power of Eva, who has multiple concurrent researches, and the power of Obscudeid!

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