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Avarice x Gluttony x Great Demonic Dragon

This Dark States deck expands on the deck mechanics of Greedon with the usage of Masque of Hydragrum.

Pressurize your opponents with the impossibly powerful ability of losing the fight with 7 Damage, and seize victory with continuous attacks when Greedon absorbs it's pals into soul!

Nation: Dark States

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Avaricious Demonic Dragon King, Greedon Masques

Avaricious Demonic Dragon King, Greedon Masques
This card can only be ridden from a grade 3 "Greedon".
The number of cards in your damage zone for you to lose becomes seven!

By removing a different "Greedon" card from hand, soul, or drop, look at the top seven cards of your deck, and put up to one "Desire Devil" card into hand!

At the end of the battle this unit attacked, if your soul has three or more "Desire Devil" cards, by putting three rear-guards into soul, stand this unit and it gets Power +5000!
Aim to get three "Desire Devil" in soul to get powerful consecutive attacks!

Desire Devil, Saasyou

Desire Devil, Saasyou
While in deck, if you have a "Greedon" vanguard, this card is also regarded as having the same name as all "Desire Devil" cards in your soul!
If your soul has three or more "Desire Devil" cards, this unit gets Power +5000, Shield +5000!
Utilize the ability of Boshokku from the ride line to add Saasyou to your hand, and support Greedon!

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