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The Looming Figure that Sneers at the Heavens

The Kheios deck from Booster Pack 05: Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes has been strengthened significantly!

Gather 13 different cards in soul, and power up all your allies! Deliver huge amounts of damage with a powerful attack from your vanguard with an increased critical!

Nation: Dark States

Check out these featured cards!

Soul Oratorio, Kheios

Soul Oratorio, Kheios
When this unit is placed by riding from "Approaching Fangs, Kheios", you may Soul-Charge 3! Then, add one card from soul to your hand, and call the rest to rear-guard circles, and activate persona ride!

If your soul has thirteen or more different cards, by binding an "Approaching Fangs, Kheios" from soul, all of your units get Power +10000 and this unit gets an additional Critical! At the end of that turn, ride the "Approaching Fangs, Kheios" bound for this cost as rest. Become a Glitter that fights as a vanguard with this deck!

Prepare your hand and soul, and set your victory in stone in one go with Kheios's powered up ability!

Inciting Corruption, Aga Manafh

Inciting Corruption, Aga Manafh
When this unit is placed, if you have a "Kheios" vanguard, by Counter-Blasting 1, look at the top two cards of your deck, put up to one card into hand, and the rest into soul!

When your "Mikani" unit is placed on rear-guard circle, if you have a "Kheios" vanguard, by discarding a card from hand, Soul-Charge 1, call this card from soul and this unit gets "Boost"!

Call this card from soul, and support your allies while preparing your hand and soul!

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