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Exorcism with Foxfire

The Tamayura Deck from Booster Pack 05: Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes has been strengthened significantly!
Fight together with the three Glitters,: Tamayura, Ririmi and Rarami!
Add Fox Arts to your hand, call Ririmi and Rarami from soul, and prepare for high powered consecutive attacks!

Nation: Dragon Empire

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Will-o-wisp Daybreak, Tamayura

Will-o-wisp Daybreak, Tamayura
When this unit is placed by riding from "Deepening Night, Tamayura", add up to one order card without Regalis Piece into hand from your deck or drop, and activate Persona Ride!

When this unit attacks a vanguard, by binding a "Deepening Night, Tamayura" from soul, call up to one "Ririmi" or "Rarami" card each, and they get Power +5000! At the end of that turn, ride the card bound for this cost as rest.

Become a Glitter that fights as a vanguard with this deck!
Aim to activate Persona Ride after powering up your front row with the ability of "Deepening Night, Tamayura", and corner your opponents with powered up attacks from Ririmi and Rarami!

Scarlet of Fluttering Evanescent Life

Scarlet of Fluttering Evanescent Life
If you have a "Tamayura" vanguard, you can play this by Soul-Blasting 2!

Call up to one "Ririmi" and one "Rarami" card from drop!

Add this card to hand with the ability of "Will-o-wisp Daybreak, Tamayura" and call back Ririmi and Rarami!

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