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Moonlight Dress

This Bavsargra deck expands its deck strategies even further with new overDress and Arms cards.

Aim to equip two Arms cards from the third turn, throw your opponents off their balance with Bavsargra's powerful abilities, and dominate the field with units empowered by DressBoost!

Nation: Dragon Empire

Check out these featured cards!


Perform overDress just by placing this card on top of Trickmoon! This unit cannot be chosen by opponents' card effects!

When this unit is placed by the overDress ability, by Counter-Blasting 1, choose up to a total of two Arms cards from hand or drop, arm one to your vanguard, and put the rest into soul! When this unit boosts in the overDress state, all of your front row units get Power +5000 for each card your vanguard is armed with!
With two Arms cards equipped, all of your front row units will gain a total of 10000 Power! Pressure your opponents with multiple copies of Vairlord!

Sealed Blaze Hammer, Suriiya

Sealed Blaze Hammer, Suriiya
Play this card as the Right Deity Arms of Sealed Blaze Maiden, Bavsargra!
When this card is armed, retire one of your opponent's back row rear-guards, and your vanguard gets Power +10000! At the end of your turn, by putting this card into drop, choose a Right Deity Arms card other than "Sealed Blaze Hammer, Suriiya" from drop, and put it into hand!
Throw your opponent's field off balance, and retrieve Aadhitya from drop for your next turn!

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