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The Rainbow Demonic Dragon Spreads Its Wings Towards the Future

The "Drajeweled" deck trumps with its newfound power!
Greatly buff your front row units' power, sweep all of your opponent's supporting units, and support your own with increased Criticals!
Deliver a huge blow to your opponent's weakened units!

Nation: Dark States

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Demonic Jewel True Dragon, Drajeweled Ignis

Demonic Jewel True Dragon, Drajeweled Ignis
This card can only be ridden from a "Drajeweled" unit. At the beginning of your battle phase, put two cards from your drop into your soul. If your soul has four or more cards with different grades, all of your front row units get Power +15000!
When this unit attacks, by Soul-Blasting 5 cards with different grades, retire all of your opponent's back row rear-guards, this unit gets Critical +1, and all of your opponent's front row units become Power 0! While you are paying the cost for this ability, you may Soul-Blast "Drajeweled" cards from your soul as any grade from 0 to 4!
Collect 5 cards with different grades in your soul, utilize them for the abilities of cards like "Rockargour" and "Varpula" and seize victory by dealing powerful consecutive attacks to your opponent's weakened vanguard!

Soul Severing Demonic Spear Knight, Zagan

Soul Severing Demonic Spear Knight, Zagan
When this unit is called during your main phase, you may Soul-Charge 1. Reveal up to one grade 4 card from your hand. If you revealed a card, or if you have a grade 4 or greater "Drajeweled" vanguard, call up to one card with a different card name from this unit and grade less than or equal to your vanguard from your soul! At the end of that turn, put that called unit into soul. If you have a "Drajeweled" vanguard, this unit gets "Boost"!
Create your ideal field by calling out powerful attacking units like "Rockargour" and "Noctursio"!

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