Deck Recipe

Blooming of the Calamitous Bud

The fearsome Dragontree blooms with its newfound terrifying powers!
Ride "Griphogila Vartex" and set your "Gripho Eschatologui" tokens! By removing two Calamity cards in one turn, strive to activate the over trigger on your fifth turn, and guide your opponent to destruction!
Use Dragon Empire and you'll be able to use the abilities of "Dragveda" and "Esperaridea" to achieve a maximum of eight attacks!

Nation: Dragon Empire

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Supreme Dragontree of Annihiliation, Griphogila Vartex

Supreme Dragontree of Annihiliation, Griphogila Vartex
When this unit is placed by riding, put a Gripho Eschatologui token into the order zone!
With an original power of 18000, during your turn, this unit gets Power +10000 and Critical +1!

If the total number of and Dragontree markers on your rear-guard circles is ten or more, this unit gets Power +10000! (Active on opponent's turn too!)2 When this unit attacks a vanguard, choose a face up Calamity card from your ride deck and remove it. If you did not remove a card, reveal a trigger unit from your ride deck, activate all of its trigger effects, remove it, and stand all of your rear-guards on rear-guard circles with a Dragontree marker!
Utilize cards like "Corrosive Smoke Signals" and "Dragontree Wretch" to build up to a total of ten or more Hydragrum cards and Dragontree markers, and pressure your opponent with tremendous power!

Gripho Eschatologui

Gripho Eschatologui
At the beginning of your main phase, you may put one trigger unit from deck into the ride deck face up, and call a from your drop to a rear-guard circle! By discarding a "Griphogila" card from hand, draw a card, and place a Dragontree marker on one of your rear-guard circles! Then, by putting the top card of the deck into damage zone face down, remove a face up Calamity card from your ride deck!
Get an extra special set order just by riding "Griphogila Vartex"! By placing a trigger unit into your ride deck, you can activate its effects with "Griphogila Vartex" even after activating the over trigger and corner your opponents!

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