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The Benevolent Sword that Eradicates Calamity

The battle strategies of the "Nirvana" deck further expands with a new Vairina and Prayer Dragon! Create a "Stravairina" in the X-overDress state to power up itself and "Nirvana", and seize victory with triple drive and five consecutive attacks!

Nation: Dragon Empire

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Blazing Holy Sword Equip, Stravairina

Blazing Holy Sword Equip, Stravairina
X-overDress - Stack one "Trickstar" and two or more different and Stravairina will be in the X-overDress state!
If this unit is in the X-overDress state and on a front row rear-guard circle, this unit gets Power +10000, and all of your "Nirvana" vanguards get "Triple Drive" and Power +10000!
When this unit in the X-overDress state stands by your vanguard's ability, if your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, by Counter-Blasting 1, stand all of your or rear-guards! If this unit has five or more originalDress, remove all markers from your opponent's rear-guard circles, and retire all of your opponent's rear-guards!
With the power of various , achieve the perfect form of Stravairina and deliver a decisive blow!

Blazing Heavenly Render Equip Dragon, Aparajea

Blazing Heavenly Render Equip Dragon, Aparajea
When this unit is called other than from deck, by Soul-Blasting 1 & discarding a card from hand, call up to one from deck! When this card becomes an originalDress, draw a card, and until the end of your opponent's next turn, one of this card's outerDress units cannot be chosen by your opponent's card effects!
Call your fellow and collect them for the X-overDress condition of Stravairina!
By becoming an originalDress, you can increase your hand and solidify your board with a strong defense boost to Vairina!

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